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Vox Bass Amps

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  • Vox Adio Air BS Portable Modeling Bass Amp Bluetooth

    Vox Adio Air BS Portable Modeling Bass Amp Bluetooth

    Modeling Amplifier with Bluetooth The coolest piece to add to your home or office. The VOX Adio Air BS is a portable Bluetooth-enabled stereo bass amplifier (and speaker) designed to provide a variety of amp models and effects, full-range sound reproduction, and expanded capabilities via software integration for bassists practicing, collaborating, and gigging, whether at home, on the road, or on stage. Play your bass along with music from external devices in stereo with 50W of power pushing two 3” speakers. Record your performances via USB or turn the Adio Air BS into a re-amp unit. PLAY ANYWHERE WITH ICONIC VOX STYLE Bluetooth connectivity allows for wireless music playback and operation CLASSIC VOX LOOKS IN YOUR LIVING ROOM Elegant, lightweight design; Battery or AC powered PRACTICE, COLLAB AND GIG WITH ADIO Up to 17 realistic amp models; Up to 19 types of high-quality effects CONNECT YOUR DEVICES FOR STEREO WITH STYLE   Specifications: OUTPUT POWER 25 Watts RMS x 2 8 Ohms 2.5 Watts RMS x 2 (when using batteries) 8 Ohms SPEAKER 2 x 3″ Standard Speakers INPUTS 1 x Normal Input Jack 1 x Aux Input Jack 1 x USB Port (type B) Bluetooth (A2DP Sink) Bluetooth low energy (MIDI) OUTPUTS 1 x Headphone Jack CONTROLS Amp Models Selector, Gain, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, FX1 Selector, FX2 Selector, Instruments Output Level, Audio Level, User Programs (1-4) CIRCUITRY Solid State AMP MODELS 11 (17 when using Tone Room) EFFECTS 8 (19 when using Tone Room) USER PROGRAMS 8 (2 banks x 4 programs) SIGNAL PROCESSING A/D Conversion: 24 bit D/A Conversion: 24 bit Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz INCLUDED ITEMS AC Adapter, Power Cord, JamVox III Download Card

  • Vox MSB50BA Mini Superbeetle Bass Stack

    Vox MSB50BA Mini Superbeetle Bass Stack

    Equipped with Nutube! The mini-stack that bassists have been waiting for! A rock band from Liverpool caused such a world-wide sensation in the 1960s that they had a dramatically transforming effect not only on the music industry but also on lifestyles. The VOX MINI SUPERBEETLE is a compact-sized revival of the stack amps that they used on their first tour of the United States, and has been acclaimed by numerous guitarists thanks to the full-fledged sound generated by Nutube and its outstanding looks that also let the unit function as interior décor. This MINI SUPERBEETLE BASS is the perfect bass amp for that ‘60s rock sound. Powered by Nutube, it delivers the stunning sound quality that can be attained only by real vacuum tubes. The speaker cabinet uses a unique bass-reflex structure to obtain the low-end required by a bass amp. Also new in the bass model is a compressor that's an important part of shaping your sound, providing good sustain and consistently tight and stable tone. The four-band EQ, optimized for bass players, allows for a more detailed control of the tone. The new fuzz on this model is tuned to the sound of the ‘60s. This means that no additional equipment is needed to produce the fuzz bass sound of that era. The MINI SUPERBEETLE BASS can also be paired with nearly any type of extension cabinet, including 1x10, 4x10, or even 8x10! It also features a headphone/line out jack that’s perfect for practicing or recording silently at home or on-the-go.   Specifications: OUTPUT POWER 50 Watts RMS | 4 Ohms 25 Watts RMS | 8 Ohms 12.5 Watts RMS | 16 Ohms SPEAKER 1 x 8″ VOX Original INPUTS 1 x Normal Input Jack OUTPUTS 1 x Speaker Jack 1 x Headphone Jack CONTROLS Volume, Gain, Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid, Treble, Fuzz, Compression Switch TUBE COMPLIMENT Nutube 6P1 EFFECTS Compression Fuzz INCLUDED ITEMS AC adapter, Power cable, Speaker cable, Cushion x 4

  • Vox Pathfinder 10 Bass Guitar Amplifier

    Vox Pathfinder 10 Bass Guitar Amplifier

    The eye-catching looks of these 10-watt combos are also classic VOX and include basket-weave, leather-look, our distinctive diamond grille cloth and, of course, chicken head knobs! Small but all-important details such as the white piping have also been faithfully reproduced, perfectly recapturing the legendary look of VOX. The all-analog, solid-state design is robust and responsive, just like a VOX should be. For the bassist, VOX introduces the newest member of the Pathfinder family, the Bass 10. This dual-speaker, deep-thumping, portable amp is ideal for the on-the-go bass player. In addition to Treble and Bass tone-shaping controls, the Bright switch offers an edgy boost to the upper harmonics. Turning up the Drive control provides a warm, bass distortion that adds character and vitality to the tone. The Pathfinder Bass 10 pumps out 10 Watts into a pair of 5 VOX bulldog speakers. A headphone/line output jack is also provided for silent practice, and for recording. Specifications: OUTPUT POWER 10 Watts RMS4 Ohms SPEAKER 2 x 5″ Vox Bulldog INPUTS 1 x Normal Input Jack OUTPUTS 1 x Headphone/Line Out Jack CONTROLS Volume, Drive, Bass, Treble, Bright Switch CIRCUITRY Solid State DIMENSIONS (W X D X H) 380 x 170 x 277 mm / 14.98 x 6.69 x 10.91 inches5.6 kg / 12.32 lbs  

  • Vox VX50BA Nutube Bass Amplifier

    Vox VX50BA Nutube Bass Amplifier

    The compact and lightweight VX series of amps is joined by a new 50W model for bass, featuring Nutube, the new vacuum tube. Its distinctive advantages include a VOX original eight-inch speaker, a unique bass reflex structure that ensures ample power and rich low-frequency reproduction, and warm vacuum tube sound. There's also a four-band EQ that allows detailed sound-shaping, a compressor effect that's indispensable for bass, and an overdrive effect that provides everything from subtle grit to high gain overdrive. Also provided are a full complement of input/output jacks, including an AUX IN jack, headphone jack, and a DIRECT OUT jack for direct connection to your PA system. Aesthetically, the VX50 BA sports a red color scheme, a traditional VOX vertical logo, and a metal grille for a distinct and edgy look. High 50W output power from a revolutionarily lightweight and compact unit. The warm vacuum tube sound of Nutube. VOX original eight-inch speaker delivers rich low-frequency sound. Bass reflex structure provides rich low-frequency reproduction with ample output. Four-band EQ allows detailed sound shaping for the bassist. Compressor lets you enjoy tight-sounding performance. Punchy overdrive. A rich selection of input/output jacks such as AUX IN, PHONES out, and DIRECT out. Revolutionarily lightweight and compact, with 50W of high output In spite of its high 50W output power, the lightweight 4.5 kg (9.9lbs) body and compact design mean that transportation is easy. The one-piece ABS chassis ensures high durability and great sound quality while keeping the weight light The warm vacuum tube sound of Nutube By using Nutube, the new vacuum tube, this amp achieves 50W of high output power while being more compact, lightweight, and power-efficient. You'll enjoy the rich overtones and sonic power that you expect from vacuum tubes, as well as output power with a tone that's clear, yet warm and fat. Bass reflex structure provides ample output power and rich low-frequency reproduction A proprietary, optimized bass reflex structure is used, with every detail adjusted specially to obtain more powerful sound. The chassis uses ABS polymer for its light weight, durability, and excellent acoustical properties.This also allows for a 3D design that would be impossible with wooden material and achieves the ideal cabinet resonance. In addition, wood is used for the baffle, achieving the optimal resonance for a bass amp. While the chassis is ABS polymer, the distinctive stony-finish exterior emanates an aura of quality. Four-band EQ allows the bassist to shape their sound in detail The amp is equipped with a four-band EQ: BASS, LO MID, HI MID, and TREBLE. This provides the detailed sound-shaping control needed for bass. With the VX50 BA, you'll have the means to adjust your sound in a wide range that covers any style. Compressor for tight-sounding performance, and punchy overdrive Turning the COMP switch on engages the compressor circuit, giving you a sound with compression and sustain. You'll enjoy the consistent dynamics, and the tight and stable sound. Turning the DRIVE switch on applies overdrive, delivering a punchy sound that ranges from mild overdrive to full-on saturation. If both the DRIVE switch and COMP switch are on, the overdrive sound is mixed with the low range of the compressed clean sound, giving you a unique sound that is distorted yet preserves the low-frequency range. A rich array of input/output jacks The AUX IN jack lets you connect an audio player or rhythm machine for jam sessions, the DIRECT OUT jack can be used for direct connection to your tuner or PA system, and the headphone jack is ideal for practicing at home. Specifications: OUTPUT POWER 50 Watts RMS SPEAKER 1 x 8″ Vox Original INPUTS 1 x 1/4″ Phone Jack (unbalanced)1 x Aux In (1/8″ stereo mini jack) OUTPUTS 1 x Direct Out (TRS phone jack, unbalanced)1 x Headphone (1/8″ stereo mini phone jack) CONTROLS Master Volume, Gain, Bass, Lo Mid, Hi Mid, Treble, Compressor Switch, Overdrive Switch TUBE COMPLIMENT Nutube 6P1 EFFECTS CompressorOverdrive DIMENSIONS (W X D X H) 354 x 208 x 313 mm | 13.94 x 8.19 x 12.32 inches4.5 kg | 9.92 lbs  

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