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  • Blessing BCL-1287 Clarinet

    Blessing BCL-1287 Clarinet

    For generations, Blessing has been a name music teachers trust for a quality student instrument. Our Blessing BCL-1287 Bb Clarinet is no exception. The BCL-1287 has features found on the best student clarinets. It is responsive and easy to play, which allows for a focused, strong characteristic sound. A durable ABS plastic resin body and sturdy key mechanism make this clarinet a top choice for the musical demands of a beginner. Features: Tuning: Bb 17 keys, 6 rings Key System, 65mm Barrel Matte finish ABS Resin Body, Barrel and Bell Nickel Silver, Nickel-Plated Keys Fixed Thumb Rest with Neck Strap Hook Undercut Tone Holes Blued Steel Springs and Valentino Pads Comes with Mouthpiece, Ligature, Cap and ABS Molded Plastic Case Established in 1906, E.K. Blessing began as a family business and quickly recognized what was essential to the music community: a sense of support, security, and shared values. The E.K. Blessing Company honored relationships by listening to their customers and adjusted to the changing times of the 20th century. Blessing believed that a musical experience could change a life and a musical education could bring purpose to a life. This belief was demonstrated by providing quality musical instruments that were affordable and accessible. As a family business, Blessing helped create products that offered people a connection to others and the feeling that they belonged to something unique and special. Today, St Louis Music owns and operates E.K. Blessing Brass & Woodwinds. The core principles of the E.K. Blessing family business are still at work 112 years later. Blessing is a trusted and reliable brand name that offers a solid foundation for growth. Why Blessing? Blessing has the generational experience to understand the transformative change music can make in a person. We are here to encourage and guide that journey.

  • Nuvo Clarineo Standard Kit

    Nuvo Clarineo Standard Kit

    The NUVO Clarinéo is a clarinet in the key of C and is ideal for young starters ages 4 to 12 years. It is much lighter and smaller than a Bb clarinet which means the finger stretches are shorter and the tone holes smaller. This takes away a lot of the physical challenges of the Bb clarinet while encouraging kids to practice more and develop the skills and enthusiasm they will need when they are ready to step up. It can give a child up to three years head start on learning the clarinet.  Since the fingering is the same, the transition to Bb clarinet is quick and easy when they are ready. The Clarinéo has a rich, mellow tone just like a traditional clarinet and can play 3½ octaves fully chromatic. That’s enough for Mozarts’ Clarinet Concerto! There is lots of music and learning materials on WindStars and the Clarinéo is particularly suitable for classroom ensembles playing alongside the jFlute and jSAX. The Clarinéo kit comes with two NUVO synthetic reeds as well as a cane reed. As with all NUVO reed instruments standard Eb clarinet reeds will work. You may also want to try the synthetic reed by Légère which fits all Nuvo instruments. The instrument is easy and inexpensive to maintain as well as being 100% washable in warm soapy water. This makes them ideal in school programs where children might be sharing instruments.

  • Nuvo DooD Mini Clarinet

    Nuvo DooD Mini Clarinet

    The NUVO DooD is a brand new concept for single reed music education. A natural next step for a child playing the recorder, the DooD is a great way to introduce single-reed skills at an early age. With it’s mellow clarinet-like sound, the DooD makes a great addition to any recorder ensemble. The DooD has recorder-like fingering with a simple yet durable key system that helps small fingers to cover the holes. The instrument is in the key of C and is fully chromatic over one octave with extra notes in the second register. There are 100’s of tunes you can play with the DooD and you can find many familiar and new ones in WindStars. The DooD uses the same mouthpiece and reed system as the Clarinéo. Two NUVO resin reeds a fingering chart and a case are included. Fully waterproof so can be washed frequently with warm soapy water. You may also want to try the synthetic reed by Légère which fits all Nuvo instruments.

  • Wisemann Alto Clarinet Eb DCL-720

    Wisemann Alto Clarinet Eb DCL-720

    The Wisemann DCL-720 Alto Clarinet Eb has a ABS Ebonite Body featuring Nickel Plated Keys. Alto Clarinet Eb 19 Keys Solid Nickel Silver Keys, Nickel Plated ABS Ebonite Body Wisemann Case

  • Wisemann Bass Clarinet DCL-750 Low E

    Wisemann Bass Clarinet DCL-750 Low E

    The Wisemann DCL-750 Bass Clarinet features Ebonite Body, Nickel Plated keys. Range to Low E. Outfit includes Cleaning Kit, Mouthpiece, Cap, Ligature and Case.

  • Wisemann Bass Clarinet DCL-790 Low C

    Wisemann Bass Clarinet DCL-790 Low C

    The Wisemann DCL-790 Bb Bass Clarinet features Wood Grain Finish Ebonite one piece Body with 23 Nickel Plated Keys includes Canvas Covered Case. Specifications: Wisemann Bass Clarinet Bb, 23 Keys, Low C One Piece Ebonite Body Wood Grain Finish Nickel Plated Keys with Nylon Adjusting Screws Fixed Thumb Rest Wisemann Canvas Covered Case

  • Wisemann Clarinet Bb DCL-500

    Wisemann Clarinet Bb DCL-500

    Wisemann Intermediate Model Clarinet 17 Key, ABS Body and Silver Plated Keys in a good quality canvas covered wood case. DCL-500 Wisemann Clarinet Bb 17 Keys ABS Body Silver Plated Keys Metal Thumb Rest Single Barrel Canvas Covered Wood Case Includes Mouthpiece

  • Wisemann Clarinet Bb DCL-800 African Black Wood

    Wisemann Clarinet Bb DCL-800 African Black Wood

    The Wisemann DCL-800 Professional Bb Clarinet is made from African Blackwood Silver Plated Keys. Professional Bb Clarinet African Black Wood Body 17 Keys Solid Nickel Silver Keys Silver Plated Adjustable Thumb Rest 2 Pcs Barrell Wisemann Backpack Case

  • Wisemann Taurus Clarinet Outfit

    Wisemann Taurus Clarinet Outfit

    Wisemann Taurus Clarinets Outfits includes: Wisemann 17 Key Clarinet featuring Ebonite body, Nickel plated keys Clarinet Case Digital Tuner Table Music Stand Gloves/Cleaning Cloth Reed Clipper Clarinet Stand Care Kit

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products)