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  • Aquila Arabic Oud Strings 13 O

    Aquila Arabic Oud Strings 13 O

    Aquila New Nylgut Arabic Oud Strings Set 13 O Standard Tension. All wound Strings are Red Copper. Made in Italy. Arabic Tuning: CC, GG, DD, AA, C.

  • F.I. Oud with Bag

    F.I. Oud with Bag

    Classic tear-drop shaped Oud with bowl bottom, the ever-popular arabic instrument. 7 wound nylon strings and 4 plain nylon strings are arranged over 6 courses of double strings (last string single but 12th peg gives option for double string there also). Spruce soundboard with 3 ornate sound-holes delivers clear and bright projection and tone. Multiple tuning options are possible but the recommended tuning is to use the Arabic method and tune as D G A D G C. This oud has more than 3 octave range and is supplied with gig bag. Specifications: Spruce top Body made of lacewood wood lacewood neck Walnut fretboard Width of the upper nut approx. 4 cm Scale approx. 61.5 cm Lower width approx. 34.5 cm Body length approx. 51.5 cm Total length approx. 84 cm Height incl. bridge approx. 22 cm 11 Strings in 6 courses The 6th course can be with double strings as there are 12 pegs Incl. bag  

  • Thomastik-Infeld Oud Strings 315A

    Thomastik-Infeld Oud Strings 315A

    Nylon Trebles - Silver Coated Copper wound on Multi-Strand Synthetic Core Basses

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)