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Brass & Woodwind Pickups

Brass & Woodwind Pickups

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  • Barcus Berry Clarinet/Saxophone Pickup C5200

    Barcus Berry Clarinet/Saxophone Pickup C5200

    Electret Microphone Pickup with Barcus Berry 3000 Pre-Amp with EQ Designed to be lightweight for use on a Clarinet, Saxophone or Harmonica. The system has wide-band frequency response, excellent dynamic range, and provides clean, faithful reproduction of the acoustic sound. Includes the 3000AE preamp/power supply, microphone and attachment adhesives.

  • K&K Saxophone Microphone CXM5

    K&K Saxophone Microphone CXM5

    The CXM5 Saxophone Microphone is a clip-on sax mic specially designed to deal with the unique challenges of amplifying the saxophone. Its linear sound condenser capsule is suitable for high sound pressure levels, while still transmitting a crystal clear signal. The mic's soft cardioid polar pattern means that the musician can aim the microphone very close to the bell without losing brilliance. We designed the CXM5 Saxophone Microphone in a way to ensure that its transmission is free of any mechanical key noises by combining a flexible microphone head suspension, a gel embedded capsule mount, and a cushioned clamp. The specially designed goose neck retains 100% solid positioning. The supplied CXM5 Preamp powers the microphone and features high grade pre-amplification with ultra low-noise circuitry, an active balanced output, and minimum power consumption and a convenient belt-clip. The preamp works on either phantom power or with a 9-volt battery. Technical Specs Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz Sensitivity: 8 mV / PA / 1 kHz Maximum SPL: 140dB Polar Pattern: Phantom power or 9 Volt battery Power consumption: less than 1 mA Output: XLR balanced

  • K&K Silver Bullet Condenser Microphone

    K&K Silver Bullet Condenser Microphone

    The Silver Bullet Microphone is a very powerful condenser microphone with excellent sound and frequency range. Its outstanding performance, especially on wind instruments, makes this small mic an affordable tool for every musician. The Silver Bullet Microphone can be conveniently attached both externally and internally to a wide variety of instruments: Wind Instruments, such as concert flute, clarinet, trumpet or saxophone. A foam wind screen is provided for all applications on wind instruments. Hand drums, such as darabokas, dumbaks, djembes, bongos, as well as kalimba or slit drum. String instruments such as mandolin, banjo, piano, violin, acoustic guitars, and ethnic instruments like sitar, bouzouki, saz, oud, balalaika and similar. Vocals, for use as a Lavalier microphone. The Silver Bullet Microphone has a 4" gooseneck built into the cable for quick and sturdy positioning of the microphone. This allows a variety of elevated positions on wind instruments. Two different attachment systems are supplied to accommodate different mounting methods: a padded clip and a Dual-Lock Velcro attachment in case the clip does not fit your instrument. The mic plugs into the Silver Bullet Preamp, which provides active pre-amplification, plus active balanced XLR Out. The Silver Bullet Preamp works either on phantom power or with a 9-volt battery and provides 5-volt power to the microphone. The preamp is available with an XLR balanced output or a 1/4" instrument line output (e.g. for combo amps). Please note, the 1/4" output requires a 9-volt battery and does not work on phantom power. You can purchase the Silver Bullet Solo without a preamp, but please note that the microphone itself does not include a power supply. Unless you already own a second Silver Bullet System, a dedicated microphone preamp (like the Fishman Blender) is needed. The power supply needs to be 2 wire / 1/4" input, stable 5-9 Volt. Technical Specs Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz Sensitivity: 8 mV / PA / 1 kHz Maximum SPL: 133dB Polar Pattern: Soft cardioid Preamp Power Supply: 12-48 volt phantom power or 9-volt battery (phantom power with XLR type only) Mic Power Supply: 5 Volt supplied by S

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)