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  • Mackie Studio Bundle

    Mackie Studio Bundle

    Mackie Studio Bundle Record Like a Pro The Mackie Studio Bundle is a complete home recording package with a versatile audio interface/monitor controller, condenser microphone, dynamic microphone, headphones, and studio monitors. Home Studio The Right Way The Mackie Studio Bundle not only includes all the tools you need to create and mix professional recordings, it gives you room to grow. As the central hub of your setup, Big Knob Studio is your audio interface, monitor controller, headphone amp, talkback, and much more. Tons of inputs and outputs makes expanding your gear arsenal easy. The EM-91C Condenser Mic is great for capturing vocals in amazing detail while the EM-89D Dynamic Mic is versatile enough to capture even the loudest of sources. MC-100 headphones provide the clear sound and noise isolation you need when tracking. For editing or just hanging out, our much-loved CR3-X monitors deliver professional studio-quality sound. Included with this bundle are two powerful recording software packages. Pro Tools® | First with the exclusive Musician Collection™ plugin bundle and Waveform OEM™ with their DAW Essentials Collection™ plugin bundle. What's in the box Ready to track your next hit? CR3-X 3” Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors Professional studio-quality sound Plug and Play Plug your smartphone or other source into the 1/8” Aux input and listen instantly Front-facing headphone jack auto-defeats speaker output Flexible inputs - 1/4”, 1/8”, and RCA Included accessories 1/8″ to stereo RCA cable to connect computer output to speakers 1/8″ to 1/8″ cable to connect a smartphone or media player Speaker-to-speaker cable Big Knob Studio Monitor Controller | Interface Professional source and monitor selection Choose between 3 sources and 2 monitor pairs Mono, mute and dim functions Flexible 2x2 USB recording interface Two boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps including phantom power for condenser microphones High-resolution 192kHz / 24-bit recording and playback Comprehensive feature set for professional studios Flexible source connections including convenient 1/8” input for your smartphone Dual headphone outs with independent level control Built-in talkback mic for easy communication with artists (2) 1/4" TS cables included MC-100 Professional Headphones High-performance drivers ensure clear, accurate sound Comfortable ear pads and headband for hours of use Includes 1/4" adapter EM-91C Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Professional quality Rugged construction Vocals to instruments, voice-overs to ambiance, this mic does it all Cardioid polar pattern Included accessories Shock mount XLR cable EM-89D Dynamic Vocal Microphone Professional sound quality and rugged construction Excels both onstage performance and studio recording Great for vocals and instruments Cardioid polar pattern Included accessories Mic clip XLR cable Zipper pouch Included Software Pro Tools® | First and Waveform™ OEM professional software and plugin packages included The Musician Collection™ for Pro Tools | First includes 23 plugins like BBD Delay, Eleven Lite, 304E EQ, and 304C Compressor The DAW Essentials™ Bundle for Waveform OEM includes 16 powerful plugins like Equaliser, Compressor, Reverber8, and Limiter

  • Peavey AUREUS Digital 28-Channel Mixer with WiFi & Bluetooth

    Peavey AUREUS Digital 28-Channel Mixer with WiFi & Bluetooth

    The foundation of the Peavey Aureus 28 digital mixer is professional quality audio in an easy to use package. The 10" multi-touch display allows users to access almost any control with just a couple of taps. Fifty-nine dedicated controls allow access to most critical functions with a single touch, making the Aureus the easiest to use digital mixer to date. No fumbling through endless menus - just touch the feature you want to access and adjust. Quick setup is easy with the Aureus. Packed with presets for channels, EQ, gate, compressor, scenes, and shows, the mix can be up and running in minutes. The mixer also provides the ability to save and store your own presets, scenes, and even an entire mix onto a USB drive.   Place a tablet in the onboard dock and use it as a second screen, or use any HTML5 compatible browsers for remote control. This second screen is perfect for monitoring the entire mix while adjusting a specific channel or separate group on the mixer. The Aureus 28 digital mixer contains 28 inputs and 14 outputs with a best-in-class 10" touch display. For ultimate ease of use and workflow, the Aureus 28 has 14 dedicated encoders, 9 motorized faders, and 45 dedicated backlit buttons. Thanks to 16 XLR-1/4", RCA, Bluetooth, and USB inputs, the Aureus can connect to most audio sources. Combine that with 14 outputs, including 10 XLR, USB, and AES digital, and the Aureus will tackle just about any sound reinforcement application. Remote control is available via onboard WIFI. Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously to control any aspect of the mix. By assigning passwords to busses, each musician can have control over their own mix by using any device that can open an HTML5 compatible browser. Access a wide selection of reverb and delay through Peavey's exclusive built-in FX series digital effects, featuring simple and advanced modes. Whether you are mixing in a club, church, conference center, sports field, arena, or any other place requiring professional audio, the Aureus mixer is the perfect solution, providing world-class workflow and audio quality in a compact, easy-to-use format.   Features: Channels: 28 inputs x 14 outputs Inputs: 16 x XLR-1/4 Combo Phantom Power: 16 Channels 48V Additional Inputs: Bluetooth, USB A/B Outputs: 10 X XLR, 2 RCA, 6 Digital AUX Sends: 8 Aux Busses / Groups: 8 BUS, 2 MAIN, 4 DCA DATA I/O: WIFI onboard, Ethernet remote Computer Connectivity: Ethernet, WIFI, USB Headphones: 1 X 1/4 Faders: 9 100mm Motorized EQ: 5-band fully parametric Effects: 23 effects in 2 engines Rack Mountable: Optional Mute Groups: 3 programmable Mute Functions: 6 Dedicated controls Bluetooth: Stereo - Long Range Solo Function: With dedicated controls Tablet Holder: Yes

  • Zoom LiveTrack L-12 Digital Mixer & Multitrack Recorder

    Zoom LiveTrack L-12 Digital Mixer & Multitrack Recorder

    The Board That Does it All LiveTrack L-12 Mix, Record, Monitor, Playback and Remix With the LiveTrak L-12, you can finally mix, record, and monitor with a single piece of gear. It’s the only digital console that lets you mix your live performance and record up to 12 discrete channels – all while providing five individual custom headphone mixes. Effortless Live Mixing LiveTrak’s 12 discrete channels (eight mono plus two stereo) have a 3-band mid-parametric EQ and 16 built-in send effects. Its eight mono channels also have a dedicated compressor. With all these controls plus its 12-segment LED metering, the L-12 offers just what you need for intuitive mixing. Let's Take a Tour The Channel Strip ( 1 )All 12 inputs include a channel fader and mute button. The eight mono inputs also include single-knob compression and gain control. Record or playback individual channels with the "Rec/Play" button. Use the "Select" button to apply Channel Strip settings (EQ and panning controls, and "EFX Return" settings) to the selected channel. Easy EQ Control ( 2 )The L-12 provides a smooth 3-band mid-parametric EQ and a low cut function for each input channel. Plenty of Inputs ( 3 )The L-12’s combo inputs support XLR or 1/4-inch connections. Channels 1 and 2 offer Hi-Z inputs for connecting an electric guitar or bass. Channels 9/10 and 11/12 have TS line connectivity for keyboards and other audio devices, as well as RCA inputs.  Navigation and Display ( 4 )LiveTrak’s bright, backlit LCD screen and encoder knob let you access an intuitive menu system to create new projects, recall previous projects, and customize your recorder settings. 16 Onboard Effects ( 5 )The L-12 offers 16 built-in effects with fully adjustable parameters. Choose from delay and reverb effects, then apply them to any channel. Custom Scene Settings ( 6 )Save up to nine different scenes and recall your custom settings automatically. Each scene saves fader position, EQ settings, pan, mute, and more. The “Fader Mode” buttons allow you to design custom mixes for both the Master and monitor outs. Slate Mic and Metronome ( 7 )Use the built-in slate mic to record comments or talk-back, and program the metronome to your desired tempo. Flexible Monitoring Options ( 8 )Five powered headphone outputs can send individual monitor sub mixes to headphones, in-ear monitors, or powered monitor speakers. Headphone output A also features two 1/4" outputs for connection to additional monitors. The main outputs feature XLR connectors to easily connect to your PA. USB Connectivity for your DAW LiveTrak is also a 14-in/4-out USB audio interface with flexible routing options, offering unlimited possibilities. Class compliant mode, which enables connection with iOS devices, is also supported.* *Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter required. What's Under the Hood Our Best Mic Preamps YetAt -128 dBu EIN with +60 dB maximum input gain, LiveTrak is equipped with the quietest and most advanced preamps we’ve ever made. Just wait until you hear how incredible it sounds. High-Definition Sample RatesThe L-12 supports sample rates up to 96 kHz when recording to an SD card, allowing you to record in high definition. In Audio Interface mode, the L-12 can record up to 48 kHz to a computer and an SD card simultaneously. Convenient Auto RecordingRecord automatically by adjusting the L-12’s customizable audio input commands. Set it to start when the master fader detects a certain dB level, or use a guitar chord or snare hit to start the track. You can capture data up to two seconds before recording starts, in case a performance begins ahead of time. Versatile Operation ModesThe L-12 is equipped with several operation modes. Audio Interface mode lets you route inputs and outputs to any DAW. With USB Host mode, transfer projects and audio files to a connected USB flash drive. In Card Reader mode, the L-12 acts as an SD card reader, allowing you to transfer audio files to and from your computer. Features at a Glance 12 discrete channels (8 mono plus 2 stereo) with XLR or 1/4-inch connectivity 14-track simultaneous recording, 12-track playback 14-in/4-out USB audio interface connectivity 5 powered headphone outputs, each with a customizable and saveable mix Add backing/click tracks from your computer to your live mix and recording RCA and TS line inputs 48V phantom power (channels 1-4 and 5-8) Hi-Z connectivity (channels 1 and 2) 26 dB pad (channels 3-8) Built-in compression control (Channels 1-8) Digital level meters -48 dB to -0 dB Master mute button Low-cut control Stereo panning Master and Monitor Outputs A-E Scene saving function, up to 9 scenes saved at a time 16 built-in delay and reverb effects with adjustable parameters Built-in slate mic Class-compliant mode (for iOS compatibility) SD card input Built-in metronome Automatic recording starting/stopping capability Project protection Import/export projects with USB 2.0 host port Latency adjustment for A-to-D conversion Compatible functions for ZOOM FS01 footswitch  

  • Zoom Livetrak L-20 Digital Mixer/Multi-Track Recorder

    Zoom Livetrak L-20 Digital Mixer/Multi-Track Recorder

    The LiveTrak L-20 MORE BOARD. MORE MUSIC. The LiveTrak™ L-20 is the new digital console offering everything creators need to mix, monitor, and record complex productions. With 20 discrete audio channels and six individual custom monitor mixes, it’s built for bigger, bolder arrangements.   20 Inputs for Bigger Sound The LiveTrak L-20 is designed to mix bigger. It features 20 inputs(16 mono mic/line inputs and two stereo inputs), all with independent3-band mid-parametric EQ. The 16 mono inputs offer stand-alone compressor control. 22 Tracks of Recording Record 20 discrete channels plus a stereo mix directly to an SD card. The LiveTrak L-20 captures pristine audio in resolutions up to 24-bit/96 kHz.* At -128 dBu EIN with +60 dB maximum input gain, the L-20 is equipped with our quietest and most advanced preamps ever. Mix down finished songs on the L-20 or transfer your discrete tracks to a DAW to perfect later. *Effects, EQ, overdub, audio interface, and fader modes A-F are not available in 96 kHz. " I could unload two racks worth of gear and it still wouldn’t add up to everything the L-20 can do. It’s easy. It’s intuitive. It expands my abilities as an engineer." Joe Wohlmuth Sound Engineer: Shakira, Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Thirty Seconds to Mars Create Six Custom Monitor Mixes With six independent monitor outputs for musicians, each output can have its own custom mix, complete with effects, that can easily be switched from a powerful headphone output, to a balanced line output for stage monitors. And One for the House The LiveTrak L-20 features a dedicated 7th output for the FOH engineer. The sound engineer can monitor the main mix and any of the sub mixes, thus adjusting them to the musicians’ satisfaction. "What I love about the L-20 is the flexibility it gives you with 20 channels, preamp effects, six individual mixes and high-quality multi-mode recording. This little board is like the Swiss army knife of boards. 1000000000 hugs!" Carlitos Del Puerto Bassist- Chick Corea + Steve Gadd Band, Quincy Jones, Bruce Springsteen Big Beautiful Interface Although the LiveTrak L-20 is designed to work as a stand-alone recording and mixing console, it can also be used as a 22-in/4-out USB audio interface. Audio Interface mode lets you route inputs to any DAW or streaming software, even while recording to an SD card. Additionally, audio can be routed from your computer into the L-20 to be mixed with your live performance. Class compliant mode, which enables connection with iOS devices, is supported as well.*    *Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter required. Wireless Mixing The LiveTrak L-20 offers wireless control* via a free iOS mobile app featuring most onboard functions, including Fader Levels and Modes, Scenes, EQ, EFX sends, returns, parameters, and more. You can even manage your Effects Library and Scene Library right from your device. Control it all on either large Monitor Out view with a mini transport, or a mini Monitor Out view with expanded Transport controls. * Zoom Bluetooth adapter (ex. BTA-1) required. Communication at up to 10 meters is possible in an unobstructed indoor space with BTA-1 units.Compatible with all iPad Air models, iPad Mini 2 and later, iPad Pro, and iPad (2017), running iOS 10.3.3 or newer. Add More To Your Mix What's in the Box Included with the L-20 LiveTrak L-20 AD-19 AC Adapter USB 2.0 Cable Quick Guide Optional Accessories RKL-12 Rack Mount Adapter BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter FS-01 Momentary Footswitch CBL-20 Carrying Bag   L-20 Features 20 discrete channels (16 mono plus 2 stereo) with XLR or ¼-inch connectivity 22-track simultaneous recording, 20-track playback 22-in/4-out USB audio interface connectivity Records up to 24bit/96kHz audio to SD card 48V phantom power Hi-Z connectivity (channels 1-2) 26dB pad (channels 3-16) Built-in compression control (Channels 1-16) Solo buttons for individual channels Variable frequency low-cut control Main outputs plus 6 customizable monitor outputs Dedicated headphone output for sound engineer Scene saving function, up to 9 scenes saved at a time 20 built-in chorus, delay and reverb effects with adjustable parameters Two effect busses Built-in slate mic Class-compliant mode (for iOS compatibility) Compatible with Remote Mixer app for iPad Automatic recording starting/stopping capability Pre-record function Import/export projects with USB 2.0 host port Compatible functions for ZOOM FS01 footswitch Automatic power-save function

  • Zoom Livetrak L-8 Digital Mixer/Multi-Track Recorder

    Zoom Livetrak L-8 Digital Mixer/Multi-Track Recorder

    The ZOOM LIVETRAK L-8 Podcasting, Music and Beyond The Board for Creators Creators are evolving—and so are we. Zoom LiveTrak L-8 makes it easier than ever to mix, monitor and record professional-sounding podcasts and music performances in one portable, affordable package. Power to the Podcast Podcast creators are a special breed. They require a unique set of audio features, along with the flexibility of a proper mixing console. The LiveTrak L-8 combines Zoom’s famous audio performance with features made for podcasters.   Sound Pad Magic Just press a button to play intros, outros, jingles, ads and sound effects. With 6 easily-assignable Sound Pads, the right sound is at your fingertips. First-Time Caller, Long-Time Listener Remote interviews are a snap with the L-8; just connect your phone via the provided TRRS cable. The Mix-Minus function automatically prevents echo and feedback to and from the caller.  Or use the USB connection to route audio from Skype, Facetime, Hangouts, Slack and more. Freedom of Speech Zoom’s preamps are famous for a good reason: they’re transparent, powerful and ultra-reliable. The L-8 features six independent Zoom preamps, built to handle anything from a whisper to a raucous debate. A Track for Everyone The pros know that when you record everyone on their own separate track it just sounds better and provides more flexibility in the edit. The L-8 records separate tracks directly to your SD card, enabling you to edit them later. Hear Yourself Talk If you can’t hear yourself, how are you supposed to speak your mind? The L-8 is equipped with four headphone outputs, so that each participant can clearly hear what is going on. On Air, On the Move The Zoom LiveTrak L-8 can run up to 1 ½ hours with just four AA batteries, or on a USB battery, so you can podcast from anywhere. Record Twice, Once Used as an audio interface, the L-8 can record full episodes directly to your computer and an SD card simultaneously. You can also live stream while recording.  L-8 is class compliant, enabling connection with iOS devices. Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter required. Save Settings.Save Time. Once you’ve dialed in your mix…save it! The L-8 lets you save up to 7 show “scenes” that can be saved and instantly recalled at the press of a button   "The L-8 is a game-changer for podcasters." Ming Chen A Shared Universe Podcast Studio, Podcaster, Entrepreneur and Creator The Board for Musicians   Small in Size Big on Sound From singer-songwriters to small bands, the L-8 is the ideal mixer and recorder for musicians who may be small in number, but big on sound. Coming Through Loud & Clear The L-8 features six high performance preamps each with phantom power, a low noise floor (-121dBU EIN), and maximum input gain of +54dB. Additionally there are two each Hi-Z, line-level and USB inputs. You can also fine-tune each channel with EQ and onboard effects. True Multi-Track Recording The L-8 lets you record up to 10 discrete tracks plus a stereo mix directly to an SD card at resolutions up to 24-bit/96 kHz*. You can punch-in and overdub with ease, then transfer your work to your favorite DAW for fine tuning. *Effects, EQ, overdub, and audio interface are not available in 96 kHz. Go Out & Play No outlet? No worries. Get up to 1 ½ hours of power from just four AA batteries. You can also power using a USB battery, and with the L-8’s unique USB connection design, you never have to worry about accidentally disconnecting. Individual Monitor Mixes Never settle for that “compromise” monitor mix again. The L-8 provides three custom monitor mixes, so no matter where you are on stage, you hear exactly what you need. WHAT'S INCLUDED LiveTrak L-8 Mixer/Recorder TRRS Cable USB Cable AD-17 AC Adapter Quick Guide Features: 8-channel mixer (6 combo, plus 2 TS) 12-track simultaneous recording, 10-track playback Mix-Minus function preventing audio feedback from dial-in guests TRRS connection and included TRRS cable for phone connectivity 6 assignable Sound Pads, with 13 preset sounds 4 headphone outputs, consisting of 3 custom monitor mixes, plus one main mix 3-band EQ and a low-cut function 7 scene memories for storing mixes 12-in / 4-out USB audio interface Class-compliant mode (for iOS compatibility) Battery operated with four AA batteries or a USB power supply Record up to 24-bit/96kHz, record up to 48kHZ to computer and SD card simultaneously INPUTS AND OUTPUTS / NUMBER OF CHANNELS Inputs:     MIC/LINE : 6                LINE : 2Output:     MASTER OUT : 1                MASTER OUT (PHONES) : 1                MONITOR OUT (PHONES) : 3 INPUTS MIC/LINE:     Type: XLR/TRS combo jacks (XLR: 2 HOT, TRS: TIP HOT)    Input gain: +10 – +54 dB/–3 – +41 dB (when Hi-Z ON)    Input impedance: XLR: 3 kΩ    Input impedance: TRS: 3 kΩ/1 MΩ (when Hi-Z ON)    Maximum input level: –2 dBu when –26dB switch OFF (at 0 dBFS)    Maximum input level: +24 dBu when –26dB switch ON (at 0 dBFS)    Phantom power: +48 VLINE: Type: TS phone jack         Input impedance: 10 kΩ         Maximum input level: +3 dBuSmartphone connection jack: Type: TRRS mini jack (4-contact/TIP: L, RING 1: R, RING 2: GND, SLEEVE: MIC)                                           Input impedance: 10 kΩ                                           Maximum input level: +3 dBu OUTPUT MASTER OUT:     Type: XLR jacks (balanced)    Maximum output level: +14.5 dBu    Output impedance: 100 ΩMASTER OUT (PHONES):     Type: Standard stereo phone jack    Maximum output level: 10 mW + 10 mW (60Ω load)    Output impedance: 10 ΩMONITOR OUT (PHONES):     Type: Standard stereo phone jack    Maximum output level: 10 mW + 10 mW (60Ω load)    Output impedance: 10 Ω BUSES MASTER: 1MONITOR: 3SEND EFX: 1  CHANNEL STRIP LOW CUT:     75 Hz, 12 dB/OCTEQ:     HIGH: 10 kHz, ±15 dB, shelving          MID: 2.5 kHz, ±15 dB, peaking          LOW: 100 Hz, ±15 dB, shelving    Level meter:     9 segmentsSend effects:     8 types RECORDER Maximum simultaneous recording tracks:     12 at 44.1/48/96 kHzMaximum simultaneous playback tracks:     10Recording format:     WAV 44.1/48/96 kHz, 16/24-bit, mono/stereoRecording media:     4GB–32GB SDHC-compliant cards (Class 10 or higher)                              64GB–512GB SDXC-compliant cards (Class 10 or higher) AUDIO INTERFACE 44.1/48 kHz:     Recording: 12 channels                        Playback: 4 channelsBit depth:     24-bitInterface:     USB 2.0  

  • Zoom Livetrak L20R Portable Digital Mixer/Recorder

    Zoom Livetrak L20R Portable Digital Mixer/Recorder

    THE L-20R The Portable Mixer/Recorder That Does it All The Zoom LiveTrak™ L-20R is a rack-mountable digital mixer that allows musicians to control their live mix right from the stage with the use of an iPad. With wireless control, 20 discrete channels, 22 tracks of recording and six custom monitor mixes, the L-20R offers a complete solution for any venue.   Portable and Powerful Featuring 16 mono mic/line inputs and two stereo inputs, the L-20R can handle the most demanding stages. The L-20R offers two EFX busses and each channel includes a 3-band EQ, pan controls and compressor. 22 Tracks of Recording During your live performance, record 20 channels plus a stereo mix directly to an SD card, then transfer your tracks to your DAW for your final edit. *Effects, EQ, overdub, audio interface, and fader modes A-F are not available in 96 kHz. It’s Your Monitor Make It Your Mix With six independent monitor outputs, the L-20R enables musicians to create their own custom mix. A dedicated output enables the FOH engineer to easily switch between monitoring the main and sub mixes. iPad Control With iPads, the FOH engineer and 6 musicians can control their own mix from anywhere in the venue. *Compatible with all iPad Air models, iPad Mini 2 and later, iPad Pro, and iPad (2017), running iOS 10.3.3 or newer. “In the New York City club scene, the L-20R’s size and features make my life a lot easier. It’s got plenty of inputs. It’s got wireless control. It’s got all I need.” Dennis McCalla Engineer , The Kennedy Administration Scene Recall With the LiveTrak L-20R’s Scene Recall feature, you can instantly recall up to nine different scenes with monitor mixes, EQ settings, effects, and more. Accessible The L-20R’s versatile design provides easy access for plugging in your cables. A Robust Audio Interface The L-20R is a 22-in/4-out USB audio interface. Route inputs to any DAW, streaming software, or iOS device*—even while recording to an SD card. *Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter required. What's in the Box Included with the L-20R LiveTrak L-20R AD-19 AC Adapter BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter Rack Ears Quick Guide Optional Accessories FS01 Momentary Footswitch Features: ●        20 discrete channels (16 mono plus 2 stereo) with XLR or ¼-inch connectivity ●        22-track simultaneous recording, 20-track playback ●        22-in/4-out USB audio interface connectivity ●        Records up to 24bit/96kHz audio to SD card ●        Built-in compression control (Channels 1-16) ●        Main outputs plus 6 customizable monitor outputs ●        Dedicated headphone output for sound engineer ●        Scene saving function, up to 9 scenes saved at a time ●        20 built-in chorus, delay and reverb effects with adjustable parameters ●        Compatible with Remote Mixer app for iPad SPECS NUMBER OF INPUT AND OUTPUT CHANNELS Inputs: Mono (MIC/LINE): 16 Stereo (LINE): 2 Output: MASTER OUT: 1  MONITOR OUT: 6 PHONES : 1 INPUTS 1-16 Mono (MIC/LINE): Type: XLR/TRS combo jacks (XLR: 2 HOT, TRS: TIP HOT)   Input gain  PAD OFF: +16 – +60dB PAD ON: − 10 – +34 dB Hi-Z ON: +6 – +50 dB   Input impedance XLR: 3 k Ω TRS: 10 k Ω /1 M Ω (when Hi-Z ON) Maximum input level PAD OFF: 0 dBu (at 0 dBFS) PAD ON: +26 dBu (at 0 dBFS)   Phantom power +48 V  Stereo (LINE): Type: TS phone/RCA pin (unbalanced) jacks Maximum input level : +10 dBu OUTPUTS MASTER OUT: Type: XLR jacks (balanced) Maximum output level :+14.5 dBu Output impedance: 100 Ω MONITOR OUT A–F (with balanced output) connected to monitor speakers: Type: TRS phone jacks (balanced) Maximum output level: +14.5 dBu Output impedance: 100 Ω MONITOR OUT A– F (with unbalanced output) connected to headphones: Type: Standard stereo phone jacks Maximum output level: 42 mW + 42 mW at 60 Ω Output impedance: 100 Ω PHONES: Type: Standard stereo phone jacks Maximum output level: 42 mW + 42 mW at 60 Ω Output impedance: 100 Ω BUSES MASTER: 1 MONITOR: 6 SEND EFX: 2 CHANNEL STRIP COMP:   LOW CUT: 40–600 Hz, 12dB/OCT EQ: HIGH: 10 kHz, ± 15 dB, shelving MID: 100 Hz – 8 kHz, ± 15 dB, peaking LOW: 100 Hz, ± 15 dB, shelving PHASE:   LEVEL METERS Level segments: 12 SEND EFFECTS Effects: 20 types:   EFX 1 Hall 1 (Reverb) Hall 2 (Reverb) Room 1 (Reverb) Plate (Reverb) Church (Reverb) DrumAmb (Reverb) GateRev (Reverb)  Vocal 1 (Delay + Hall Reverb) Vocal 2 (Delay + Mono Reverb) Vocal 3 (Delay + Plate Reverb)   EFX 2 Hall 3 (Reverb) Room 2 (Reverb) Spring (Reverb) Delay (Delay) Analog (Delay) P-P Dly (Delay) Vocal 4 (Delay + Room Reverb) Chorus 1 (Stereo Chorus) Chorus 2 (Mono Chorus) Cho+Dly (Chorus + Delay) RECORDER Maximum simultaneous recording tracks: 22 at 44.1/48/96 kHz Maximum simultaneous playback tracks: 20 Recording format: WAV 44.1/48/96 kHz, 16/24-bit, mono/stereo Recording media: 4 GB – 32 GB SDHC cards (Class 10 or higher) 64 GB – 512 GB SDXC cards (Class 10 or higher) AUDIO INTERFACE 44.1/48 kHz: Recording: 22 channels Playback: 4 channels Bit depth: 24-bit Interface: USB 2.0 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR AUDIO INTERFACE MODE Windows: OS: Windows® 7 SP1 or later / 8.1 / 10 (32bit/64bit) CPU: Intel® Core i3 or faster* USB: USB 3.0/USB 2.0**   * Operation is not guaranteed with CPUs from Atom, Celeron or Pentium series or CPUs made by AMD. ** Only USB host controllers with Intel Chipsets are supported. Operation is not guaranteed when used with USB hubs or expansion cards. Mac: OS: Mac® OS X 10.11 / 10.12 / 10.13 / 10.14 CPU: Intel® Core i3 or faster USB: USB 3.0/USB 2.0*   * Operation is not guaranteed when used with USB hubs or expansion cards. iPhone/iPad: OS: iOS 9 / 10 / 11   * Apple Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter required. CARD READER Class: Class USB HOST Class: USB 2.0 High Speed   Sampling frequency: 44.1/48/96 kHz Frequency characteristics: 44.1 kHz: −1.0 dB, 20 Hz – 20 kHz 96 kHz: −3.0 dB, 20 Hz – 40 kHz Equivalent input noise: Actual measurements: −128dB EIN (IHF-A) at +60dB/150Ω input Display: LCD with backlight (128×64 resolution) Power: AD-19 AC adapter (DC12V 2A) Power consumption: 24 W maximum External dimensions: 445 mm (W) × 388.4 mm (D) × 82.6 mm (H) Weight (main unit only): 3.71 kg

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