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Polish & Care Product

Polish & Care Product

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  • Boogie Juice Lemon Fretboard Cleaner

    Boogie Juice Lemon Fretboard Cleaner

    Lemon oil based guitar and fretted instrument fingerboard cleaner in a pen style applicator for easy & effective use. Made in New Zealand.

  • D'Addario Guitarist Gift Pack

    D'Addario Guitarist Gift Pack

    The D'Addario Planet Waves Guitarist Gift Pack includes Guitar Headstock Tuner, Pro String Winder, Lemon Oil Fretboard Conditioner, Polishing Cloth, 10 Guitar Picks and 3 Step Polish Kit. Pack Includes: Guitar Headstock Tuner PW-CT-12 Pro Guitar String Winder with built-in cutter & bridge pin puller Lemon Oil Fingerboard Conditioner Polish Cloth 10 assorted Celluloid Guitar Picks 3 Step Polish Kit express packets of Restore, Protect and Shine.

  • Dr Ducks Ax Wax

    Dr Ducks Ax Wax

    Organic cleaning, polishing, moisturizer formula for all guitars and other instruments. 4 ounce bottle, Made in USA

  • Flanger FA-30 Guitar String & Fingerboard Cleaner

    Flanger FA-30 Guitar String & Fingerboard Cleaner

    The Flanger FA-30 Quick-Set is design to quickly clean your Strings, Frets and Fingerboard all at the same time. The replaceable Machine Washable Microfibre Cloth is designed not to scratch you instruments and can be used with cleaning fluids.

  • Grover Allman Guitar Polish Cloth

    Grover Allman Guitar Polish Cloth

    Brover Allman Microfibre cleaning cloth suitable for cleaning the body of your guitar, as well as strings, fretboard, inlays and machine heads, in fact all parts of your instrument.

  • Hannabach Polishing Cloth

    Hannabach Polishing Cloth

    Large guitar cleaning cloth with superior micro-fibres insuring dirt is lifted saftley from the instruments surface. Last longer and is re-washable.

  • J&H Humi Doctor

    J&H Humi Doctor

    The J&H Humi Doctor is a highly accurate, simple use humidity & temperature measuring device for musical instruments. Humidity & Temperature control is very important to keep expensive instruments in good condition. This compact digital device offers two ways of installing. It can attach to the instrument with its clip or has a case attachment. The user can set a desired humidity level and if levels varies +/- 5% the unit start flashing a warning.

  • Kyser Instrument Polish

    Kyser Instrument Polish

    Kyser instrument polish does more than just keep your investment shiny. It keeps off the oil and grime that can get into wood grain over time, to remove buildup before it can start. A cleaner instrument feels better, sounds better, and maintains its value over the years. It's worth protecting your investment with Kyser instrument polish. Available as 4oz spray bottle or portable canister of 35 wipes. We now have a new and improved Kyser polish formula that is clear.

  • Kyser Lem-Oil

    Kyser Lem-Oil

    Kyser Lem-Oil might just be the best kept secret for luthiers worldwide. Keeping your fret board from drying out prolongs the life of your instrument, and keeps it looking shiny and new. A smoother fret board makes for faster, easier playing. The next time you change your strings, treat your fingerboard to a cleaning with Kyser Lem-Oil. Available as 4oz spray bottle or portable canister of 35 wipes. We now have a new and improved Kyser Lem-Oil formula that is clear and is made with real lemons.

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 17 products)