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Feature Products
  • Pearl Primero Music Town Cajon

    Pearl Primero Music Town Cajon

    The Music Town USA cajon is designed to resemble a wooden crate and the faceplate features the names of some of America's iconic music cities. Specifications: Size: 19.25" Tall x 11.75" Wide x 11.75" Deep Faceplate: Meranti Body: Medium Density Fiberboard Snares: Fixed, Two Sets Bass Port: Patented, Built-In, Rear Facing Finish: Crate Style Body with Graphic Faceplate  

  • NU-X MG-400 Guitar Modeling Processor

    NU-X MG-400 Guitar Modeling Processor

    Best Value Modeler The NUX MG-400 is a value packed modeler akin to his little brother, the MG-300. MG-400 houses 2 powerful DSP chips for high-definition White-Box Amp Modeling algorithm (TS/AC-HD) and Core-Image post-effects. Since releasing the MG-300, people have been blown away by the sound and playability, not to mention the ease-of-use tone tweaking and intuitive interface. And now, the MG-400 builds upon the MG-300 feature set moveable signal blocks, 12 IR COLLECTION slots, flexible P.L block with MIN & MAX parameter setup, abundant SYSTEM MENU, and physical MASTER volume knob, MG-400 is now the best value modeler for the money. [TSAC-HD] WHITE-BOX AMP MODELING Same Amp Modeling Algorithm as MG-300, for easy Tone Tweaking: The White-box Amp Modeling & Pre-Efx algorithm offers realistic playability and analog-chaos response.The concept of "Chaos makes the muse" perfectly applies to the analogue circuit. When you tweak the knob, it affects itself as well as other parameters. For a linear digital system, the parameter is independent. The white-box algorithm offers real-time feedback, increment-by-increment. NUX TS/AC-HD replicates the same playability most guitarists crave in a real tube amplifier. IMPULSE RESPONSE 512 samples IR resolution and USER slot with each patch. (additional 12 IR COLLECTION slots) The MG-400 includes multiple impulse response of 512 samples each. You can load 3rd party IR files using our NUX QuickTone edit software (support up to 48kHz sample rate). The included 25 guitar cabinet IRs combine 4 classic microphones with 3 mic positions to allow beginners a quick and easy way to jump into the multi effects experience. Also included are 8 bass cabinet IRs and 3 acoustic guitar IRs, giving you the ability to play bass guitar on MG-400 or use electric guitar to simulate acoustic guitar sound with acoustic guitar IRs. 10 INDEPENDENT FLEXIBLE BLOCKS NG, CMP, EFX, AMP, IR, EQ, MOD, DLY, RVB, P.L | 10 independent moveable signal blocks. You can move signal blocks freely on the MG-400 and/or QuickTone editing software. Set the PATCH LEVEL block in front of AMP to swell the volume. Put DELAY block in front of gain stage to create grooving riffs. There are lots of tone creations with the flexible block routing. 2.8” COLOR LCD 2.8” 320*240 color LCD with intuitive UI. An intuitive user interface with a colorful LCD lets you get rid of reading manuals. Keep it Simple! SCENE FUNCTIONALITY Use SCENES to engage/disengage blocks with either CTRL footswitch. You can assign CTRL1 or CTRL2 to trigger the SCENE Functionality. Each preset has 3 scenes, which are snapshots within a preset. This is a powerful function for live gigs. Each SCENE can engage/disengage signal blocks freely, and it retains the DELAY / REVERB trails when you disengage them with SCN CTRL. Jam (Drum & Looper) The MG-400 supports NUX Phrase Loop Synchronization with Rhythm. You can play the rhythm then record your phrase loop. MG-400 will automatically beat match the phrase to fit the current rhythm BPM. *Choose either STEREO / MONO looping. (Stereo is 30 seconds, mono is 60 seconds.) Two Recording Modes *NR = Normal Recording works as regular loop function, while you press CTRL1(LOOP) footswitch, it starts to record the phrase loop*AR = Auto Recording will stand by while you press CTRL1(LOOP) footswitch, once you hit the strings, it will start to record your phrase loop. Quick Tone Editor Software You can download the QuickTone™ editor from the MG-400 product page. An intuitive interface is provided for tweaking parameters, dragging block order, setup SCN, save patches, load patches, export patches, load IRs, set up USB routing and CTRL SETTING; all by simply using QuickTone™. USB Audio Interface For home studio and silent practice, the MG-400’s USB audio capabilities makes it the Swiss Army Knife of guitar audio interfaces. Connect it via USB to your PC, and you can record tracks, reamp, and even do livestreaming with the MG-400. In Normal mode, you can choose Loopback to play the playbacks from PC when doing a live stream Re-amp: MG-400 offers Dry Out and Re-amp recording applications.   FEATURES: 2.8” 320 x 240 colour LCD with intuitive UI. NG, CMP, EFX, AMP, IR, EQ, MOD, DLY, RVB, P.L | 10 independent moveable signal blocks. White-box Amp Modeling & Pre-efx algorithm offers realistic playability and analog-chaos response. 512 samples IR resolution and USER slot with each patch. (additional 12 IR COLLECTION slots) Electric guitar amp models, bass amp models, and acoustic simulation IRs with related acoustic amp models. Input trim under SYSTEM MENU. 5 output modes with global 3 band EQ for quick tone tweaking. (Besides STUDIO DIRECT, others will disengage IR signal as default.) PARA. FOLLOW function can track your effect tweaking habits. USB recording interface, firmware update, QuickTone™ edit software.  

  • Cort Action DLX AS 4 String Bass

    Cort Action DLX AS 4 String Bass

    The Cort Action DLX 4 String Bass is loaded with quality materials, components and craftsmanship featuring open pore natural Swamp Ash Body, Markbass MB-1 EQ, Dual PDX Soapbar Pickups and Ergonomic Body Design. Markbass MB-1 EQ The Markbass MB-1 EQ provides a very natural and transparent boost that does not color the organic nature or resonance of the instrument’s woods. The crystal clarity and natural warmth combined exude a passive feel with smooth lows, full-bodied mids, and bell-like highs. The Markbass 3-Band EQ brings out the best acoustic nature of the bass instrument. PDX Dual Soapbar Pickups Developed with tonal flexibility in mind, the PDX soapbar pickups deliver a strong fundamental low-end that is ideal for classic and traditional bass sounds. The front pickup exhibits a firm midrange ideal for fingerpicking classic rock sounds while the rear pickup provides more power and focus for aggressive music as well as for slapping with greater force than J-type pickups. Swamp Ash Body A livelier and more resonant wood than poplar, swamp ash is characterized by a scooped-mids sound with a bigger low-end and clear highs for a more balanced tone. The open-pore finish enhances the resonance even further and the wood’s natural light weight and good-looking grain patterns are other positives of swamp ash. An ideal match for the Markbass 3-Band EQ system. Ergonomic Body Design Found only on the Action Series basses, the ergonomic body shape, which fuses the best elements of classic and modern designs, was designed to reduce fatigue and enhance playability for extended playing sessions.   Specifications: Action DLX 4 String Bass Guitar Double Cutaway Body Swamp Ash Body Bolt-On Canadian Hard Maple Neck Jatoba Fingerboard 21 Frets 34" Scale White Dot Inlay Diecast Machine Heads EB6 4 String Bridge 2 x PDX-5 Pickups Markbass MB-1 EQ Black Hardware

  • Katoh MCG18S Classical Guitar with Bag

    Katoh MCG18S Classical Guitar with Bag

    The Katoh MCG18 features Spruce Top, Sapele Back & Sides, Bone Nut & Saddle & includes Gig Bag. Ideal Student Guitar. Features: Spruce Top Sapele Back & Sides Okoume Neck Rosewood Fingerboard Rosewood Bridge Bone Nut & Saddle 52mm Nut Width 650mm Scale Length Includes Gig Bag

  • Casio CDPS110 Digital Piano Black

    Casio CDPS110 Digital Piano Black

    The CDP-S110 in Black Finish is Casio's entry point for a portable full size 88 note digital piano. This model offers 10 Tones with layer function, built-in metronome. You can adjust tonal elements with the 4 built-in Reverb effects & 4 Chorus Effects. It also features a new Scaled Hammer Action II Keys that feel like an Acoustic Piano. It also comes with the SP-3 Sustain Pedal. A big key feature is it is the lightest scaled hammer action piano onthe market weighing 10.5kg. Simple but Sleek Slim Body Design with a Depth of Just 232 mm Casio’s proprietary high-density mounting technology, with miniaturized components and a space-saving internal structure, is key to the slim body of this piano. Two color variations are available: black and white. The bold, monochromatic color scheme and minimalist design aesthetic together deliver a simple yet elegant piano experience. Always on Hand and Ready to Play The CDP-S series is compact, lightweight and ultimately portable. Because it can be run from either AC power or batteries, you can play it not just however you like but wherever you like, too. Compact Keyboard Mechanism Delivers a Tactile, Piano Touch The CDP-S series is perfect for a wide range of musical genres. The Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard Ⅱ, which is an action mechanism with hammer weighting the same as a grand piano, housed in a compact body, allows for a great balance of slim size and responsive touch. Expand Your Enjoyment with the Chordana Play for Piano App The CDP-S110 can be seamlessly controlled from the free Chordana Play for Piano app for smartphone and tablet. Quickly and easily change settings such as tone, touch response and metronome. Specifications: 88 Key Action: Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard Ⅱ Touch Response: 3 sensitivity levels, off Polyphony (maximum): 64 Number of Built-in Tones: 10 Layer: Yes Digital Effects: Sound Mode Hall Simulator / Reverb: Reverb 4, Chorus: 4 2 Demo Songs Connection to App: Chordana Play for Piano ver.2.4 Metronome: 0 to 9 beats; tempo range: 20 to 255 Included: SP-3 Pedal Key Transpose: -12 semitones to 0 to +12 semitones Tuning Control: A4 = 415.5 Hz to 440.0 Hz to 465.9 Hz Auto Power Off MIDI PHONES / OUTPUT: 1 (Stereo mini jack) multi-use OUTPUT terminal Audio In USB Type B 2 x 12cm x 6cm Oval Speakers 8w + 8w Amplifier AC Power Supply (AD-A12150LW) 6 x AA Batteries Dimension: 1,322 x 232 x 99 mm Available in Black or White Finishes

  • Vox MV50-CL Clean Mini Amp Head

    Vox MV50-CL Clean Mini Amp Head

    Designed with an emphasis on analog, VOX's MV50 combines classic amplifier design with new and innovative production techniques to produce a miniature amplifier with truly monstrous sound. Boasting an incredible 50 watts of power, this one-pound package serves up serious guitar tone that's reminiscent of a classic clean tube amp. With speaker & line/headphone outputs, the MV50 is perfect for the stage, at home, or in the studio for direct recording. The MV50 is equipped an all-analog pre-amp circuit that features Nutube, a revolutionary new vacuum tube that produces authentic tube tone at a fraction of the size. By taking advantage of this incredible new technology, VOX's engineers were able to design a true, miniature tube amplifier. Beyond the inclusion of Nutube, the pre-amp circuit in the MV50 features a staggering number of analog components that effectively reproduce the dynamic character of a traditional tube amp. Paired with this innovative pre-amp circuit is a reliable and efficient Class D power amp that has been specifically designed for the MV50. From warm, natural cleans to dynamic overdrives, this power amp has been engineered to respond to the nuances of your guitar and, of course, your technique.   OUTPUT POWER 50 Watts RMS 4 Ohms 25 Watts RMS 8 Ohms 12.5 Watts RMS 16 Ohms INPUTS 1 x Normal Input Jack OUTPUTS 1 x External Speaker Jack 1 x Headphones|Line Out Jack CONTROLS Volume, Gain, Tone TUBE COMPLIMENT NuTube 6P1

  • Cort Core-DC Dreadnought Guitar with Pickup

    Cort Core-DC Dreadnought Guitar with Pickup

    Introduced in 2020, the Core Series guitars enjoyed its fast growing popularity thanks to its focus and dedication on what truly makes acoustic guitars great: keeping it simple yet elegant, with great playability and natural acoustic sound. Cort continues the same effort with the introduction of Core-DC Mahogany, a new body style all-solid acoustic guitar that follows the same discipline and focus that made the previous Core Series so much more enjoyable and valuable. Dreadnought Cutaway Body Shape Considered the “standard” in acoustic guitar body shapes, dreadnought achieved its status based on performance. This shape delivers big volume with clarity, powerful low-end, rich midrange, and lush highs, and the smooth cutaway allows easy and comfortable access to the high frets. The dreadnought remains popular today, especially for flatpicking styles. All Solid Mahogany Model Developed in accordance with recent acoustic guitar market trends, this model features not only mahogany back and sides but mahogany top as well. Although darker sounding than spruce, mahogany produces a warmer tone with a full rich mid-range. Fishman® Sonitone Installed internally without cutting out any of the woods, the Sonitone EQ system retains all the natural resonance and the pure acoustic sound that other systems aren’t capable of. The controls are simple and intuitive to use as well, with just Volume and Tone. Ovangkol Fretboard with Mahogany Neck Known as a great overall tone wood, Ovangkol shares similar tone characteristics as Rosewood with a warm and slightly fuller midrange. The combination of Ovangkol fretboard with Mahogany neck produces a warmer mixture of balanced tone with deep sustain that is suitable for an acoustic guitar. Open Pore Finish Not only does the open pore finish enhance the resonance of the woods but it also reduces the weight of the guitar for improved playability. Genuine Bone Nut & Saddle Crafted out of water buffalo bone for the most natural and transparent transfer of string vibrational energy into the body and neck. Exclusive Deluxe Soft-Side Case The new Cort Deluxe Soft- Side Case is not only stylish and sleek but combines the best attributes of a hard case with the flexibility of a padded gig-bag for superb protection for the instrument as well as excellent portability. Specifications: Dreadnought with Venetian Cutaway Body Solid Mahogany Top Solid Mahogany Back & Sides Mahogany Neck Ovangkol Fingerboard 1 11/16" (43㎜) Nut Width 20 Frets White Dot Inlay Black Binding Die-Cast Tuners w/ Black Knobs Black ABS Rosette Ovangkol Bridge Fishman® Sonicore Pickup System D'Addario® EXP16 Light Guitar Strings Hand Scalloped X-Bracing Genuine Bone Nut & Saddle Deluxe Soft-Side Case Included

  • Cort CR200 LP Style Electric Guitar Gold Top

    Cort CR200 LP Style Electric Guitar Gold Top

    The Cort CR200 LP Style Electric Guitar delivers the look, feel and performance of the much sought-after vintage instruments from the Golden Era of electric guitars. At the heart of each CR Series guitar is the specially designed ClassicRocker pickups for an authentic vintage rock sound and response. Classic Design The CR200's classic design features a single-cutaway all-mahogany body for a thick yet biting rock sound and the time-proven set-neck construction for great sustain and focused midrange tone. Classicrocker II Pickups Using selected Alnico II & 0.06" custom gauge coils, its hot, fat and vintage sound are the words that you will use to describe the ClassicRocker-II pickups. These PAF inspired pickups capture the essence of vintage. Vintage Tuners Classic aesthetics with modern tuning stability for the best of both worlds Graph Tech Nubone Nut Enhanced balance, stronger highs and lows, light weight, and elimination of dead spots are the immediately noticeable benefits of the innovative Nubone nut. Specifications: LP Style Guitar Set-Neck Construction Mahogany Body Mahogany Neck Jatoba Fingerboard 305mm (12") Radius Graph-Tech Nubone Nut 42mm Nut Width 22 Medium Sized Nickel Frets 24.75" Scale Length Rectangle White Pearl Inlays Vintage Tuning Machine Heads ClassicRocker II Alnico Humbucker Pickups 2 Volume, 2 Tone Controls 3 Way Toggle Switch D'Addario EXL110 Strings High Gloss Finish

  • Stagg Auditorium Cutaway with Pickup Mahogany

    Stagg Auditorium Cutaway with Pickup Mahogany

    The Stagg SA25 ACE MAHO Auditorium Cutaway with pickup features all Sapele Body with an under saddle transducer & G03 preamp with EQ, built-in chromatic tuner. phase switch & low battery indicator. Specifications: Auditorium Cutaway with Pickup Sapele Top Sapele Back & Sides Okoume Neck Blackwood Fingerboard Walnut Bridge Black ABS Binding Compensated Bridge Under Saddle Transducer G03 Preamp: 3 Band EQ with Phase Switch, Buit-in Tuner, Low Battery Indicator Chrome Diecast Machine Heads Open Pore Natural Finish

  • Ohana CK-180M Okoume Concert Ukulele

    Ohana CK-180M Okoume Concert Ukulele

    The Ohana -18OM Series in Exotic Okume’ is a beautiful and sturdy option for your students or travel. With the Ohana TLC Set-Up, it is sure to sound every bit as lovely as it looks! Specifications: Concert Ukulele with Bag Okoume Top Okoume Back & Sides Black/White Purfling Abalone Inlay Rosette Wood Binding Pearloid Side Markers Floral Fingerboard Inlay Classic Slotted Headstock Design Open Geared Machine Heads

  • Vox AC30C2 Custom 30w Tube Combo 2 x 12" Greenbacks

    Vox AC30C2 Custom 30w Tube Combo 2 x 12" Greenbacks

    30 Watts All Tube Amplifier 2 x 12" Celestion G12M Greenback Speakers Normal and Top Boost channels For those who crave more power, the AC30 expands on the captivating sound of its little brother by doubling the wattage. Employing a quartet of EL84 power tubes, the AC30 Custom pumps 30 watts of remarkable tone through a pair of 12” Celestion Greenback or Alnico Blue speakers. Capable of both enchanting clean and raucous overdriven sounds, the signature chime of the AC30 Custom pairs seamlessly the intricacies of your playing style, resulting in a sound that is truly your own. Perhaps the most iconic amplifier in VOX’s pedigree, the AC30 earned its place in history as the amplifier that powered the British Invasion. Since then, the AC30 has remained the choice of the world’s most accomplished artists who have come to rely on its unique voice to amplify theirs. Available models: AC30C2: 30 Watts, 2 x 12″ Celestion G12M Greenback Speakers AC30C2X: 30 Watts, 2 x 12″ Celestion Alnico Blue Speakers     Specifications: Output Power 30 Watts RMS 16 Ohms Speaker 2 x 12″ Celestion G12M Greenback (AC30C2) 2 x 12″ Celestion Alnico Blue (AC30C2X) Inputs 1 x Normal High Input Jack 1 x Normal Low Input Jack 1 x Top Boost High Input Jack 1 x Top Boost Low Input Jack 1 x FX Return Jack Outputs 1 x External Speaker Jack 1 x Extension Speaker Jack 1 x FX Send Jack Controls Master Volume, Master Tone Cut, Normal Volume, Top Boost Volume, Top Boost Bass, Top Boost Treble, Reverb Tone, Reverb Level, Tremolo Speed, Tremolo Depth Tube Compliment 4 x EL84 Dimensions (w x d x h) 702 x 265 x 556 mm | 27.64 x 10.43 x 21.89 inches 32.0 kg | 70.99 Accessories (sold separately) VFS2A Foot Switch  

  • NU-X Core Series Loop Core Stereo Effects Pedal

    NU-X Core Series Loop Core Stereo Effects Pedal

    The NUX Loop Core Stereo is our next generation Looper pedal. Featuring a high-definition color LCD display, stereo inputs/outputs, and a MIDI control input; the Loop Core Stereo allows you to create up to 6 hours of music phrases, save them in one of 99 provided memory slots, and play back as stereo loops! Also included are 50 different drum patterns to complete the looping experience. Whether you practice, compose, or play live gigs, you’ll be inspired from the very first loop! Create and save your loops It’s easy to create loops and practice with the NUX Loop Core Stereo. Power on the Loop Core Stereo pedal, rotate the VALUE knob to select an empty memory from 01 ~ 99, then you can press the foot switch to record/play/dub your loops. You can also hold the foot switch to UNDO/REDO/CLEAR. Turn the VALUE knob to select a memory slot between 01~99 or adjust parameters. When you are working on loops or practicing, press the VALUE knob once/twice to adjust the volume of Loop/Drum. Practice and play in silence with headphones. Access and edit everything with the high-definition color LCD display. 4 example setups with the Loop Core Stereo. Setup 1 Mono in, mono out. This is the most common loop pedal setup for guitarists. Plug in a guitar to the A/Mono input on the Loop Core Stereo and connect A/Mono output directly to a guitar amplifier. And finally, set the AUDIO PATH as shown below. Setup 2 Stereo in, stereo out. Set the AUDIO PATH as shown below.   Setup 3 OUT A for guitar, OUT B for drum machine. To get the best sounds, you can connect the Loop Core Stereo to a guitar amplifier and a full-range frequency amplifier. Set the AUDIO PATH as shown below. This will split the guitar signal and drum machine signal to OUT A & OUT B individually. Setup 4 Both OUT A & B to a mixer. When you are playing at home or in the studio with a mixer and/or PA system, you can connect the Loop Core Stereo to control the mix of your guitar and drum machine individually. Additionally, this setup includes a frequency compensation function to get a better signal from OUT A. Set the AUDIO PATH as shown below. MIDI Control Nearly every parameter of the Loop Core Stereo can be controlled by an external MIDI controller, such as tap tempo, stop/start/record, and so much more. The MIDI to 1/8” cable is included to get you started quickly. Customize your own Boot-up picture The Loop Core Stereo allows users to customize their own boot-up picture with a GIF. - Connect the Loop Core Stereo to your computer and download a GIF picture to the folder: NUX LOOPER > NUX_LOOP > GIF. - Disconnect and reboot the Loop Core Stereo, and then enter the DISPLAY setting and set the BOOT-UP PICTURE option to USER. - Reboot the Loop Core Stereo again. Enjoy your own customized GIF interface!