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Violin Care Products

Violin Care Products

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  • Boogie Juice for Violin

    Boogie Juice for Violin

    With its patented dispensing system, Boogie Juice can effectively remove dirt and oily build up from your Violin or other orchestral string instrument’s fingerboard. Made in New Zealand. Any good musician will tell you that it is crucial to care for your instrument. Maintaining the condition of your fingerboard will help the instrument to retain its tone and help prevent adverse effects. Boogie Juice is a very simple application that can help preserve the life of your instrument.With regular application (usually between string changes) your fingerboard will stay conditioned and free of grimey build up. It will also help reduce cracking in the fingerboard due to humidity changes.You’ve invested a lot of money in your instrument so why not try to preserve the life of it for as long as possible.The Boogie Juice dispenser has a tip operated valve. To start flow, hold upright and depress tip 10-12 times onto fingerboard. When more liquid is needed depress 2-3 times. Rub tip gently on fingerboard to loosen dirt.  

  • Hiderpaste Violin Peg Compound 30H

    Hiderpaste Violin Peg Compound 30H

    Simple to apply peg paste for pegs which have ceased to move easily. Also helps prevent pegs slipping. Made in England.

  • Hill Violin Cleaner 25cc

    Hill Violin Cleaner 25cc

    A Specially blended preparation for cleaning and restoring traditional varnishes. Made in England by W.E. Hill & Sons. 25cc

  • Hills Violin Peg Composition

    Hills Violin Peg Composition

    A Superior quality composition for pegs which have ceased to turn smoothly. Supplied in a lipstick style container made in England.

  • J&H Humi Doctor

    J&H Humi Doctor

    The J&H Humi Doctor is a highly accurate, simple use humidity & temperature measuring device for musical instruments. Humidity & Temperature control is very important to keep expensive instruments in good condition. This compact digital device offers two ways of installing. It can attach to the instrument with its clip or has a case attachment. The user can set a desired humidity level and if levels varies +/- 5% the unit start flashing a warning.

  • Pirastro String Oil 50ml

    Pirastro String Oil 50ml

    Prolongs the life of plain gut strings. 50ml Made in Germany. You can also apply a little bit of string oil to the strings at the fingerboard area. Use the string oil sparingly – a small drop on the cloth is enough. SPECIAL CONSIDERATION FOR GUT STRINGS Gut strings should not be exposed to dramatic changes in temperature or humidity. This can contribute especially to a reduced lifespan for the string. After playing, we usually recommend that you tune the strings down to a 1/4 tone lower. You should certainly do this before the instrument is transported in an airplane, where humidity drops dramatically and the strings can draw together and, as a result, break. Gut strings are optimally stored at 45% humidity.

  • Pirastro Violin Peg Compound

    Pirastro Violin Peg Compound

    Lubricates sticking violin pegs. Made in Germany To ensure that tuning the strings remains simple and easy, coat the pegs with graphite. Our peg-compound can help with this – coat the surface of the pegs once or twice with peg-compound where they come into contact with the peg box.

  • Players Violin Care Kit

    Players Violin Care Kit

    Players MKH-VI Violin Care Kit With Header

  • Violin & Bow Cleaning Polish 20ml

    Violin & Bow Cleaning Polish 20ml

    A good preservative and cleaner for stringed instruments and bows. Also acts as a protective agent against wood worms which can attack old instruments. Made in Germany

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 11 products)