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Guitar Stomp Boxes

Guitar Stomp Boxes

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  • NU-X AD-3 Analog Delay Effects pedal

    NU-X AD-3 Analog Delay Effects pedal

    The NU-X AD-3 is an analog delay with all the great characteristics of the sought after "Bucket Brigade" technology which produces a warm and successful delay. With its 600ms of maximum delay time and feedback that can be pushed into buildup, you can achieve a wide range of your favorite delay sounds. "Bucket Brigade" refers to a technique that places several thousand capacitors on a chip and allows each capacitor to hold a very small amount of the audio signal (less than one millisecond). These buckets are placed in a line (brigade) so that the signal can be passed from one capacitor to the next. An urchip regulates how fast the signalpassess throught the "brigade" and thus creates a delayed version of the original signal, which can be heard as an echo effect. Since capacitors are not optimal for transmitting an audio signal, the sound will deteriorate, the longer the signal will flow through the chain of capacitors, which you will hear as a loss of tweeter and clarity. This "error" is part of what makes "Bucket Brigade" pedals so popular among guitarists. The "Bucket Brigade" technology gives NU-X AD-3 the pure analog delay effect with a heat that is not obtained from other digital delay pedals. Features: Analog delay pedal for electric guitars Bucket Brigade design Warm and successful echo effect 600ms maximum delay True bypass Time, Repeat & Mix controls LED indicator shows status of effect and battery condition Input impedance:1M? Output impedance:10K? Power:9V Battery or DC 9V Adapter Dimensions:121(L) x77(W) x48(D) mm Weight:230 grams

  • NU-X AS4 Modern Amp Simulator Effects Pedal

    NU-X AS4 Modern Amp Simulator Effects Pedal

    The NU-X AS-4 Modern Amplifier Simulator is low cost but screams with the same kind of fat, warm, blazing sounds of the original amplifiers. Find the tone you want using high and bass EQ, set your level, dial up distortion with the gain knob, then hit the "on" switch. The AS4 Modern Amp Simulator is truckload of real amps in just one pedal! Features: Simulates the characteristic distortion and cabinet sound of a guitar amplifier Extra amount of gain boosts high frequencies for greater distortion effect True bypass provides transparent tone Bass and high tone control LED indicator shows status of effect and battery condition Input impedance:1M? Output impedance:10K? Power:9V Battery or 9V AC Adapter Dimensions:121(L) x77(W) x48(D) mm Weight:230 grams  

  • NU-X Boost Core Deluxe Effects Pedal

    NU-X Boost Core Deluxe Effects Pedal

    Now you can drive your amp to boost with the Boost Core Deluxe's gain knob, then sweeten or subdue your treble and bass frequencies with the onboard 2-band EQ. Boost Core Deluxe is handy enough as a standalone boost and an EQ pedal. With its analog circuitry and tone enhancement, Boost Core Deluxe is beyond price. Drive the booster into your favorite overdrive to let it raise the sonic mayhem! Boost Core Deluxe has all boosted sounds you want. Boost Core Deluxe is a Booster pedal providing you 3 types of boost modes, Clean, Drive and Spark. Clean mode is super-transparent +20dB clean boost and it also strengthening the original signal to against any sound degradation. Drive and Spark mode is +20dB gain boost with wide range parameter control and it offers enough gain for it to work as a drive pedal when turned all the way up. Equipped with Treble and Bass controls that allow you to adjust your sound and tune the frequency shape anyway you like. With Boost Core Deluxe; ? You can enhance your signal without any color changes in Clean mode with a tasty compressed sound or you can get additional warm tube sound on Dirt mode. If you want to go further, you can create a sparkling drive sound while you increase the power of your sound in Spark mode. From transparent, low-gain boost to all-out colored boost, Boost Core Deluxe has all boosted sounds you want. Harmonics will be a bonus while you play with a well-sustained guitar tone. It is recommended first to be used in effect chains.  

  • NU-X CH-3 Vintage Chorus Effects Pedal

    NU-X CH-3 Vintage Chorus Effects Pedal

    The NU-X CH-3 Vintage Chorus is a chorus pedal that fits like a glove with your rig, ranging from fairly mild choruses to all kind of sounds with ambient taste. The effect is delivered via depth, blend and speed control covering a sensible frequency range. Features: Depth, Speed and Blend knobs Input impedance: 1M? Output impedance: 10K? Power: 9V Battery or 9V AC Adapter Dimensions: 121(L) x77(W) x48(D) mm Weight: 230 grams  

  • NU-X Core Series Loop Core

    NU-X Core Series Loop Core

    A turbo-charged version of our original, and now, the most versatile Looper available! Sure, we covered all the basics in a Looper that allows you to record and play back multiple layers, but now we've added a whole new level of goodies. Featuring 40 built-in drum patterns and 99 Personal-User memories and now, a whole new array of carefully thought-out user assists. Whether you practice, compose, or play live gigs, you’ll be inspired by the ground-breaking features of the all new NUX Loop Core! Auto-Start mode waits until you hit the guitar to record. Record and overdub as many layers as you need, and create an impressive performance with a variety of Start-modes and Finish-modes. Main switch function to control loop and overdub: Laying down a loop without a metronome or drum pattern is easy, you can add a drum pattern after you finish your loop and Loop Core automatically processes your tempo to seamlessly add a drum pattern. When you finish your performance you have 3 modes: 1- Double-Tap the foot-switch and Loop Core will stop jamming instantly in Normal mode. 2- Loop Core will play until the end of measurement in Finish Mode. 3- 10-second fade-out in Fade Out mode. Overall Look on Loop Core All-in-all you get a total of 6 hours recording time. Built-in drum patterns withTAP TEMPO Change the playback tempo of your recorded phrases without changing the key. Switching phrases without latency, Extensional pedal (optional) for more control. Put your own music into Loop Core You can convert any audio file to make it compatible for. You can download the Nux Audio Converter software free. (Check the support page)    

  • NU-X Core Series Loop Core Deluxe Bundle

    NU-X Core Series Loop Core Deluxe Bundle

    This bundle includes the NU-X Loop Core Deluxe Effects Pedal and the NU-X Dual Foot Switch. With upgraded hardware, the new Loop Core Deluxe allows you to record loop phrases up to 8 hours with unlimited layers in 24-bit high-resolution audio quality into 99 saved memories. Loop Core Deluxe Drum Rhythm Nothing feels better than playing your guitar along with realistic drum rhythms. Loop Core Deluxe’s all-new drum machine comes with 40 different drum rhythms (30 in 4/4, 10 in 3/4) covering different styles of genres including rock, pop, blues, jazz and much more. Stop Modes To finish your playing, you can choose 3 different modes: 1- NORMAL MODE: Double tap - Instant Stop 2- FINISH MODE: Plays until the end of the last measure 3- FADE OUT MODE: 10 seconds Fade-Out Importing and Backing up Your Loop Phrases Connect your Loop Core Deluxe to your PC/Mac with a Mini-B USB connector to import available loop phrases or to back up yours. Loop Core Deluxe is only compatible with 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV files. Loop Core Deluxe Bundle The LOOP CORE BUNDLE includes the additional NMP-2 DUAL Footswitch which is absolutely the easiest way to switch between loop phrases. Your recordings for verse, chorus, and bridge parts, can now be seamlessly accessed utilizing the convenient DUAL footswitch. Pro-Features: Frequency Compensation & Cabinet Simulation To ensure the exact tone you desire, Loop Core Deluxe is designed with frequency compensation for drums and a cabinet simulator. Both are utilized through the stereo output Jacks. Stereo Output Connection Ways When using Loop Core Deluxe in the same situation as pictured below, it will detect the type of devices connected. The original guitar tone and loop phase will output to guitar amplifier while drum machine sound output to the mixer. To activate this feature: please press down RHYTHM button before powering on the device and "F3" appears on the screen as shown in the below drawing. The Stereo Output has several options: to amp, output guitar signal or to mixer, drum machine out. Loop Core Deluxe will detect the type of the device you are using and the original guitar tone and loop phase will output to your guitar amplifier while the drum machine sound will output to the mixer. True Bypass or Buffer Bypass Loop Core Deluxe is designed with a switchable buffer bypass and true bypass.  The choice is yours!  Already, have a buffer bypass pedal?  Use it!  This system fits your needs. Just hold down the [STOP MODES] Button while plug in the power adapter to switch in between the 2 bypass modes. Automatic Tempo Detection Loop Core users are already familiar with the many hidden treasures of our original Loop Core such as automatic tempo detection. You can easily lay down a loop w/out a metronome or any drum patterns. Add a drum pattern later, and Loop Core Deluxe will automatically process your tempo to match the pattern. No technical details to fumble with; just enjoy your music! Loop Core Deluxe vs Original Loop Core Better recording sound quality (24-bit vs. 16-bit) Longer recording time (8 hours vs. 6 hours) Upgraded drum machine with more realistic drum sounds Equipped with NMP-2 Dual Footswitch control pedal for ultimate user experience Frequency compensation & cabinet simulation Put your own music into Loop Core Deluxe You can convert any audio file to make it compatible for Loop Core Deluxe. You can download the Nux Audio Converter software free. (Check the support page)    

  • NU-X Core Series Octave Loop Pedal

    NU-X Core Series Octave Loop Pedal

    Looper Pedal with -1 Octave Effect - Create a Bass Line with your Guitar. Octave Loop is a basic looper pedal but it comes with unlimited layers and up to 5 minutes of recording in high quality 24-bit uncompressed sound. You can plug the Octave Loop to any position on your setup, whether front or behind of your effect chain, the Octave Loop will playback your sound in the original quality. Features: 5 minutes recording time 24-bit uncompressed recording Arrow displays letting you to see the recording Normal recording & auto-recording True-bypass -1 octave effect 3 stop modes Powered by battery or AC adaptor Dimensions: 122 x 64 x 48 mm (L x W x H) Weight: 265 grams

  • NU-X Drive Core Deluxe Blues Driver Effects Pedal

    NU-X Drive Core Deluxe Blues Driver Effects Pedal

    We’re not only the first in this category, we were always the most versatile, and now we’ve taken it a giant step further. Blues to the Core! All-time favourite tube-screamer circuit comes with more features and additional dial-up options. Drive Core Deluxe is an analog overdrive pedal which can carry your signal in 3 different ways for your essential needs. You can use the pedal as a Clean Boost or Overdrive or you can Mix up the clean signals with tube heated drive sound. The Tone knob gives the last shape to your signal and controls the balance between low-and-high frequencies. 3 Way Toggle-Switch If you’re going to have separate Clean / Overdrive Tweak Knobs you need an easy way to mix them together quickly! We were the pioneers of the 3-Way Toggle Switch, which means we had a whole lot more time than our competitors to fully maximize this feature. ? Top Position: CLEAN BOOST This activates the Clean Boost Knob which controls your clean gain. You can also bring your Volume up or down with the Level Knob (0db to 20db). No need to adjust the Tone; we set this at: “As Clean as it Gets!” so the Tone Knob is inactive in this mode. Bottom Position: DRIVE Activates the Drive Boost Knob. You can also bring your Volume up or down with the Level Knob ( 0db to 20db ), and you can dial-in your Tone Knob for the Drive Tone ( EQ frequencies ) of your choice . Middle Position: MIX Allows you to adjust the blend of both the Clean & Drive simultaneously. That’s so cool, it needs no description! Drive Mode Knob The Dynamic Drive Knob is also a Push Knob, which controls the drive gain parameters. Crank your sound from low-gain to high-gain, and feel your tube-heated settings in turbo-charged mode. True Bypass Use as a stand-alone or combine with any other gear. True Bypass lets you activate, or truly de-activate Drive Core Deluxe without interfering with other effects in the chain  

  • NU-X DS-3 Classic Distortion Effects Pedal

    NU-X DS-3 Classic Distortion Effects Pedal

    The NU-X DS3 is a classic Analog Distortion pedal perfect for classic rock and heavy blues. Analog circuits boost your signals and make more harmonics and strong overdrive. It is possible to create good balanced sounds using gain knob and wide-ranged tone knob. Features: Analog Circuit Classic Distortion Knobs True-Bypass Input: IN jack (6.35mm, Mono) Output: OUT jack (6.35mm, Mono) Power: 9V battery or external AC adaptor Dimensions: 121(L)×77(W)×48(D)mm Weight: 280 grams  

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 63 products)