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Double Bass Pickups

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  • Headway The Band Double Bass Pickup

    Headway The Band Double Bass Pickup

    The Band is an instant-fit pick-up which Velcro's to itself around the the body of the instrument. It requires no alteration of the instrument itself and generates a strong passive (no batteries required) signal which can usually be plugged straight into a mixing desk or combo amp. The multiple pick-up elements are tuned specifically for Bass and deliver a lively, tailored passive signal. The Band is used equally in arco and pizzicato situations and is a favourite with sound engineers and players alike, as it offers far greater volume levels before feedback, compared to mics. You can avoid being tied down to mic stands and The Band cuts feedback, bowing noise, body noise and excessive treble by acoustic filter. Good rejection of feedback, background, body boom and bowing noise. Reliable sturdy construction and stores easily in most bag pockets. Passive device which does not usually require a pre-amp to amplify effectively. Plugs directly into most mixing desks or combo amps and will drive many pedals and rack units.

  • K & K Bass Fingerboard Pickup

    K & K Bass Fingerboard Pickup

    The K&K Sound Bass Fingerboard pick up is a specially modified single pickup, ideal for capturing fingerboard sounds. Its unique size and shape allows precise placement and a preamp allows rockabilly bass players to blend in just the right amount of slap, growl, and other fingerboard sounds to achieve the exact sound and effect they desire. We suggest you place the fingerboard pickup near the top of your fingerboard, on the reverse side. Double-sided adhesive tape for installation is included.

  • K&K Bass Master Rockabilly

    K&K Bass Master Rockabilly

    The Bass Master Rockabilly is the first upright bass transducer system designed specifically for Rockabilly and slap bass. It combines two transducers (the Bass Max and a fingerboard pickup) to create an integrated double bass pickup system that brings out the percussive and subtle fingerboard sounds, as well as strong and warm bass tones. Each Bass Master Rockabilly can be fine-tuned via the separate bass and treble controls within the two-channel preamp, providing an infinite range of combinations for every player and any style of play. The first component, the popular Bass Max, is positioned in the bridge wing. To make the Bass Max, we combine two transducers into a "sandwich" in order to maximize and enhance vibrations captured from the entire bridge. Only one Bass Max is necessary to provide an even signal from all four (or five) strings. Its strong midrange signal is ideal for cutting through the mix in loud Rockabilly situations, or providing a warm and supportive line for country bluegrass. The fingerboard transducer's unique size and shape allows it to be precisely placed on your instrument. The preamp lets the player blend in just the right amount of slap, growl, and other fingerboard sounds to reach their audience. This allows the player to achieve the exact sound they desire. The two-channel preamp has internal gain, bass, and treble trim pots for each pickup, allowing impressive +/- 20dB tonal adjustments. External volume controls let you balance the volumes of the bridge and fingerboard transducers on the fly. A convenient belt clip is included with this compact preamp, which weighs a mere ten ounces with the battery installed. A six foot, high quality three conductor (1/4 inch stereo) cable is included to complete the package. Specifications: Wing: 22 mm diameter, 4 mm thick Fingerboard: 12.5 x 10mm, 0.7 mm thick Preamp: 3" x 3.5" x 1" Input Impedance: 1 MegOhm (each channel) Output Impedance: 10K Ohms Input: Stereo 1/4" | Output: Mono 1/4" Cable: 6 foot, 1/4" stereo plugs Power: 9 volt battery (not included)  

  • K&K Bass Max

    K&K Bass Max

    The Bass Max is very sturdy and has a high output signal that is balanced over the whole tone range. It is suitable for both arco and pizzicato playing styles because it transmits a broader mid frequency range. This enables the musician to change playing modes without having to adjust the amplifier. The connection jack is held in place by a special attachment clamp mounted at the A and D strings between string-holder and bridge. The wrapped cable eliminates disturbance. One Bass Max will evenly pick up the tone range of the double bass. It works very well with smaller bass combo amps. Specifications: Diameter: 22 mm Thickness: 5 mm Output impedance: high ohmic Output: 1/4" Connection cable length: 6"

  • K&K Double Big Twin Double Bass Pickup

    K&K Double Big Twin Double Bass Pickup

    The Double Big Twin is a four-head upright bass transducer developed specifically for jazz bass players. Its transmission band includes very high and very low frequencies, which makes it especially suitable for jazz bass. The high frequency translation ensures a clean amplification of the finger attack with the picked bass. The low frequency translation refers to a desired very bassy sound picture. The Double Big Twin is able to pick up each string of the upright bass separately. This results in an extraordinary balance of sound, even for pizzicato playing. The Double Big Twin is easily installed with the supplied double-sided adhesive film and doesn't require modification of the instrument itself. A special attachment clamp holds the connection jack so that it can be mounted at the A and D strings between the string-holder and bridge. We highly recommend one of our K&K preamps for impedance adaptation and pre-amplification. Specifications: Diameter of each transducer head: 3/4" Height of each transducer head: 1/32" Output impedance: high ohmic Length of connection cable: 1 ft Output: Stereo 1/4" jack, soldered mono mode

  • K&K Sound Definity Pickup System

    K&K Sound Definity Pickup System

    The Definity System is a brand-new solution that delivers K&K's natural pickup power to a variety of difficult to amplify acoustic instruments. Definity is designed for floating bridge instrument, semi-acoustic electric guitars with Tune-o-matic bridges, Banjo, Cello, Double Bass and many ethnic or folk instruments like Bouzouki, Saz, etc. The pickup is only 6/1000 of an inch thin and measures 1 3/4” x 3/4” total. They call it a “compression pickup” because it is especially suited for “wedged” applications under a floating bridge. However, the pickup element is capable of transmitting sound like soundboard transducers as well. In fact, we found that the best tone is achieved if the pickup is mounted so it is partially “wedged” and partially open on the soundboard. The Definity pickup reaches its true potential with a matched preamp (included in the price!). The Definity Preamp, which features a phase switch, adjustable mid and treble controls (via trimpots), and a 1/4” line out, makes the package complete.  

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)