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Chromatic Tuners

Chromatic Tuners

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  • Beam Clip On Rechargeable Metronome/Tuner

    Beam Clip On Rechargeable Metronome/Tuner

    The new Beam Clip On Magnetic Rechargeable Chromatic Tuner & Metronome features double swivel joints for maximum adjustment and a magnetic detachable top allowing you to set it up like a metronome on a Music Stand or Table Top. The Beam is also rechargable so you dont have to worry about buying batteries. Large Bright Colour Display Chromatic Tuner: Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Violin, Banjo Metronome: 30 - 280 BPM Double Swivel Joints for Maximum Viewing Adjustment Detachable Magnetic Head to sit on Music Stand or Table Top for Metronome Auto Off to save battery power Rechargeable via supplied USB cable

  • Cherub Flow Tune Clip on Rechargeable Instrument Tuner

    Cherub Flow Tune Clip on Rechargeable Instrument Tuner

    Flow in tune There are 4 display modes including 2 Strobo modes and 2 Arrow modes. The featured display is vivid and looks like a flowing river! Simply flow in tune with your guitar and other instruments. ±1 cent high degree of accuracy With a built-in high sensitive piezo sensor and Cherub's tuning technology, the Flow Tune Clip features ±1 cent high degree accuracy, which is fantastic for musicians to keep their instruments in tune at any time. 5 Tuning modes for all instruments It features 5 tuning modes including Chromatic, Guitar STD, Guitar CPS, Bass, Ukulele. Especially designed for guitarists, there are Guitar STD(Standard) and Guitar CPS(Compensated) modes for guitarists to try. We got inspired from James Taylor of compensated tuning, so we developed guitar compensated tuning mode in Cherub WST-905Li. Here is the compensated tuning method: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery With a rechargeable Li-ion battery, the battery life time is as long as 240 minutes. Durable stainless steel clamp The Flow Tune Clip has a strong stainless steel clamp, which is fancy and also durable. It looks as good as a shiny hardware of your favorite guitar. It fits on your guitar’s headstock.

  • D'Addario Equinox Headstock Tuner USB Rechargeable

    D'Addario Equinox Headstock Tuner USB Rechargeable

    The USB rechargeable version of the D'Addario Equinox Headstock Tuner precisely tunes guitars, basses and other stringed instruments utilizing vibrations rather than sound. Using a highly sensitive piezo sensor and large multi-color display, the USB Rechargeable Equinox Headstock Tuner allows you to tune easily and accurately in noisy and dimly lit environments where many other tuners fail. The tuner features a pivoting display and Micro USB port for charging

  • GoTune AppClip for Smartphone Guitar Tuning

    GoTune AppClip for Smartphone Guitar Tuning

    The Intellitouch GoTune AppClip(tm) is perfect for tuning in noisy environments or times where absolute accuracy is required. It's easy to use - simply clip the AppClip onto your instrument, plug it into your SmartPhone, and fire up your favorite tuning app. The AppClip isolates the vibrations of your instrument, and processes them into the best possible format for your phone or tablet. The GoTune AppClip works with all popular tuning Apps such as: Martin Guitar Tuner, TonalEnergy, Cleartune, Tunable, ProTuner, Guitar Tuna, insTuner, String Tuner, Coach Tuner, n-Track Tuner, and many more! Tune any Instrument Use any Tuner App Works on Phone or Tablet Isolates Instrument Ignores Noise IOS or Android All Audible Frequencies No Batteries Needed Free Cable Organizer

  • Intelli 203 Violin Thermo Hygro Metro Tuner

    Intelli 203 Violin Thermo Hygro Metro Tuner

    The IMT-203 cobmines a violin/chromatic tuner and thermo-hygro meter in a compact and slim body for mostly portable use. Most advanced tuning algorithm (+/- 0.5 cents). Dedicated violin and chromatic dual tuner. Quadra flat tuning, internal microphone and external jack. Re-calibrate from A=430 to 449 Hz. Easy-to-read LCD tuning meter. 3 coloured LED tuning guide. Non-volatile memory keeps all settings. Automatically returns to the hygrometer mode when no sound is coming in for 3 months. Temperature range: -10 C to +60 C (+14F to +140F), Tolerance: +/- 2%, relative humidity: 20 to 90%, Tolerance: +/- 5%, Recording function saves the highest and lowest temperature and humidity, Measuring interval: every 15 seconds. Ultra long battery life, Built-in stand for table top viewing, Recessed on/off button, Compact and slim size for portable use.

  • Intellitouch WT1 Freedom One Wireless System & Guitar Tuner

    Intellitouch WT1 Freedom One Wireless System & Guitar Tuner

    Set yourself free from the cable that ties you down! The Intellitouch Freedom One provides a high-quality 24-bit digital wireless link between an instrument (guitar, bass, etc) and a pedal tuner, eliminating the cable normally attached to the instrument. The Freedom One has two components: A compact wireless transmitter that plugs directly into a standard 1/4 inch output jack on a guitar or bass, and a pedal tuner with a 1/4 inch output that connects to an amplifier or other effects pedals. Effective range is 30 feet - plenty to cover most performance stages and practice rooms. Transmitter battery life is approximately 10 hours on a single AAA battery.  

  • Musedo MT2 Clip-On Chromatic Instrument Tuner

    Musedo MT2 Clip-On Chromatic Instrument Tuner

    Capable of tuning just about anything, the Musedo MT2 Chromatic Clip-On Tuner is especially well suited for Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Ukulele or Violin and similar instruments. FEATURES: Power: 3V CR2032 lithium battery (Included) ready to use and secured with an Australian Government compliant screw mechanism Auto turn off function after 5-minutes when not in use. Clips onto any head stock easily Black Finish Light, compact, portable design Four Modes Tuning Accuracy: ± 1 cents A4 range: 440Hz Bright LCD display  

  • NU-X Mini Core Series Flow Tune Mini Tuner Pedal

    NU-X Mini Core Series Flow Tune Mini Tuner Pedal

    Mini but Large It's PINK!! NUX Flow Tune has a compact design with a large high-definition LCD display. Every one can easily read the notes while standing on the stage. Perfect for live guitarists. Easy to fit, easy to tune. Flow in Tune There are 3 display modes including a Strobo mode and 2 Arrow modes. The featured display is vivid and looks like a flowing river! Simply flow in tune with your guitar.  Bright display in both of sunlight and darkness With a bright and high-definition LCD display, NUX Flow Tune is very cool and easy to be worked with on any stage in both of sunlight and dark environment. No matter where you are performing, you can check tuning informantion on the LCD very well in a distance and keep your instrument in tune all the time. The LCD display of the FLOW TUNE is very clear in bright sunlight.Enjoy playing with it in an outdoor concert. Enjoy playing with it on stage in dark environment. Features TRUE BYPASS/BUFFER/BUFFER MONITOR modes On the FLOW TUNE, you can switch between TB(True bypass), BF(BUFFER), and BFM(BUFFER MONITOR), according to your tastes and environment. Why is BUFFER mode important? The FLOW TUNE not only features a true bypass for outputting the sound exactly as it was input, but now includes built-in BUFFER/BUFFER MONITOR modes.The majority of electric guitars use passive pickups with a high impedance output. When you are using a cable there is a loss of tone, usually high frequencies, after about 6 m (around 18 feet) and this problem gets worse the longer your cable. A buffer boosts the signal over long cables to avoid loss of tone, keeping it clean and clear - even when your pedal is off.The BUFFER enhances the sound quality in bypass mode, so that you can still maintain audio quality even when using a long cable to connect to the tuner, or when inserting the tuner into a complex effects board. More than that, on the BUFFER MONITOR mode, you can even check all notes you played at any time without stopping playing and bending. Fits Any Board Compact size and steady weight, easy to fit the pedalboard with velcro.Besides that, the specially-designed footswitch offers comfortable pressing feedback.The most imporant thing: It's Pink!   SPECIFICATIONS: Tuning range: A0 (27.5Hz) - C8 (4186Hz) Tuning modes: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass Display modes: Strobo Mode, Arrow Mode 1, Arrow Mode 2 Bypass modes: True Bypass, Buffered Bypass, Buffered Bypass Monitor A4 calibration: 430Hz – 450Hz Tuning accuracy: ±0.1 Cent Input impedance: 10MΩ Output impedance: 1KΩ Current draw: <100mA Weight: 197.4g Dimensions: 97.4mm x 43.5mm x 41.6mm    

  • On Stage Chromatic Tuner GTA7600

    On Stage Chromatic Tuner GTA7600

    The OSGTA7600 is a chromatic tuner perfect for tuning your guitar or bass. It offers basic functionality and convenient tuning functions. Features include an ultra-compact design, high-precision LCD, auto power-off function, built-in mic, pitch pipe function, and a comprehensive user interface. Silver Finish. Built-in Mic: For acoustics (1/4" input jack for electric instruments) Calibration: 430-450Hz, with 1 Hz step Tuning Key: C, F, Eb, Bb Tuning Range: C1-B7 Precision: +/-1 cent Display: 3 LEDs shows in-tune or mis-tune, LCD meter indicates precision of tuning in cents. Power Off: After 5 minutes idle. Number of Notes: 12 notes 4C-4B Built-in Speaker: 27mm, dynamic speaker Earphone Jack: 3.5mm jack (For reference tone only. Does not pass audio from Input Jack) Input Jack for Electric Guitar and Bass: 6.3mm jack

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 12 products)