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Planes, Saws and Purfling Tools

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  • Ibex Purfling Channel Cleaner

    Ibex Purfling Channel Cleaner

    The Ibex Purfling Groove Cleaner is used for cleaning out the channels made by the Purfling Cutter. Features stainless steel blade and hardwood handle. Made in USA.

  • Ibex Purfling Cutter

    Ibex Purfling Cutter

    The Ibex Purfling Cutter designed by Luthier Irving Sloane is used to cut edge slots for binding on guitars or purfling channels for violins. Made in USA. Made of cast bronze with hardwood handle and guide to run along the side of the instrument. It comes with two removeable blades. Use Single Blade for binding or both blades for purfling. Adjustable from 0 to 1/4".

  • Violin Makers Knives

    Violin Makers Knives

    These Luthier Knives are made of high quality alloy carbon steel. They feature Double beveled edges and are tempered so they can be easily sharpened. Swiss made by Pfeil. Blade Thickness 2mm Overall Length 160mm Available Blade Widths 3.5mm 6mm 9mm 12mm 15mm

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)