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Guitar Multi-FX Pedals

Guitar Multi-FX Pedals

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  • NU-X Cerberus Integrated Mult-Effects & Controller

    NU-X Cerberus Integrated Mult-Effects & Controller

    Cerberus is a multi-function effect pedal which can be used standalone or with the 4 cable method and comes packed with extraordinary features including inside routing, IR loader, analog overdrive & distortion and digital effects. Each feature is another reason to own Cerberus! You can use Cerberus as a stand-alone device to prepare your setup and control as a stomp-box chain and/or save any combinations including routing as a preset and recall by a single click. You can add your essential gears into the chain with using 4 cable method no matter which equipment you use. Cerberus also offers MIDI control to organize your own effect pedals and improve your effects control at the same time. We've put together 2 selected analog Drive / Distortion pedals, modulation effects and delay & reverb effects. All these sounds and effects were improvised both from the all-time-classic and newly most-liked gears. Analog Overdrive and Distortion: Overdrive (Blues Breaker): Cerberus Overdrive sound is a tribute to the 70's Little Wing / Hendrix playing-style. The technology is only about 10 years ago but it quickly became one of the most-preferred overdrive sounds on the market. The Overdrive Channel simply takes your guitar tone to the next level without adding mid-frequencies or any other unwanted characteristics inherent in "Tube Screamer Style" circuits, and provides a transparent overdrive sound. Any pedal can sound amazing but when you create an effect chain, harmonizing the sound is critical for maximum efficiency. Distortion (Brown Anger): If you prefer high gain distortion with a Classic British flavor, rich bass responses, thick mid-frequencies and a balanced treble response, Cerberus Distortion will soon become one of your all-time-favorite sounds. We've also considered compatibility in respect to the Overdrive and Distortion channels. Whether you use distortion standalone or combine with overdrive, when you hit your distortion switch, you'll feel the classic JCM touch on your sound. Drive section has analog circuitry with digital control parameters and it remains analog (AD/DA converter starts from the MOD FX section). Modulation Effects:  Tremolo: Cerberus Tremolo creates authentic vintage tremolo guitar sounds and it is an easy-to-use compact effect but it offers wide parameters for precise effect tailoring.Phaser: It's warm, organic, and rarely harsh and burnt-orange phaser. From simple and warm, to tuneful character melodic?Sleepy psychedelic swirl, with rich high-end harmonics, Cerberus's Phaser is a joy to use.U-vibe: For guitarists who really dig the swirling vibes sound-- especially in "vintage" mode, Cerberus's U-Vibe offers a massive swirl, that's true, it's more than "feeling the U-Vibe" sound, you can jump on it. We made sure our U-Vibe effect included the classic favorites, and Cerberus has them ready Chorus (CE - Analog, SC - Digital, ST - Modern) CE Chorus: This chorus type is from early years of Chorus effect. There is no any other vintage sound without an analog chorus touch.SC Chorus: SC Chorus adds a dreamy chorus sound and creates an ambient guitar tone. That's another alternative chorus if you like a digital touch and to create and ensemble chorus effect.ST Chorus: This is the most common chorus effect. From clean arpeggios or strumming and fat-drive power chords to sparkling distortion killer solos, Cerberus ST Chorus fills in the gaps to complete your sound. Delay (60’s, 70’s and 80’s) 60's Delay (Tape Delay) 55ms - 550ms: Tape delay effects that never get old. We picked a heavy-lift tape echo and shrunk it to add one of the delay modes in Cerberus. In 60's Delay mode you can create aged over-saturated repeats -- the way tape does!70's Delay (BBD) 40ms - 400ms: This mode can handle all or your performance needs if you prefer to use analog-style repeats. It has a decreased modulation so you feel really the popular analog-like BBD sound repeats.80's Delay (Digital Delay) 80ms - 800ms: 80's Delay sounds fantastic is super easy to use. Its simplicity makes it the best mode if you are already using modulation effects, and all you want are crystal clear repeats. TAP TEMPOAll of the Delay effects provide an original sound and each one has its own delay speed range. When TAP TEMPO is activated, the Time Knob controls the repeat quantize and TAP TEMPO delay range is 125ms - 1500ms for all delay types. And while you tweak the Time Knob, it still allows you to have the original delay time range to emerge infinite feedback, run-away/oscillation as physical tape echo and BBD delay. Reverb (Plate, Hall and Spring) Plate Reverb: Plate reverb helps you to have the touch of reverb. If you are in need of a deep ambiance, long decay parameters will give you the deepest but also versatile and organic reverb sound.Hall Reverb: It offers the spacious feeling of a well-architected performance hall with natural reflections in a studio quality reverb effect.Spring Reverb: Based on a tank sound, get the warmth and richness of a vintage reverb unit with Cerberus's Spring Reverb function. Impulse Response (IR) Loader Cerberus has stereo outputs: one is a dedicated Output with speaker simulation for direct connection to the mixer or your audio interface. When using both Outputs, you can activate or deactivate by pressing the Speaker Cab Sim button. This comes in handy when running 2 amps. The headphone output is cabin simulated and ready-to-play. It can run any 3rd party IR files as well. Features and Requirements of Cerberus’s IR loader: Built-in IR: High-Quality 4x12 Closed Back Cabinet Zero Latency 44.1kHz Sampling Rate, 24-Bit Max Resolution: 512 Samples Nux factory cabs and 3rd party IR files can be loaded to Cerberus via Cerberus Editor software (check the support page) For the real IR experience, you can use the NUX PA-50 Personal Monitor. The second channel is Full-Range Flat-Response input, you will get the real sound characteristic when you use the speaker cabinet simulation. 4 Cable Method Connection You can connect your all-time-favorite gear to Cerberus by placing it between analog and digital sections. You can use any combination of amps or pedals you desire. More Features An integrated loop switcher, kill dry function, 0 to 20dB volume boost and an accurate tuner into a simple-to-use floor unit. Great tone, ultimate flexibility, easy control, and extreme portability make Cerberus ideal for all players. It also has an additional foot control switch for the selected functions of your choice and you can also connect an expression pedal while it becomes a volume control option before the digital section. Control switch can be assigned as Reverb, Mod FX, Drive Section Bypass or Clean Boost (0dB - 20dB) MIDI Implement / Global Settings When you're using any kind of MIDI-compatible pedals and stomp boxes, they are extremely handy when paired with a rack processors or even a guitar effects software. Cerberus provides full MIDI implementations that you can use and combine with any MIDI-supported gear.  

  • NU-X MFX10 Multi-Effects & Modelling Processor

    NU-X MFX10 Multi-Effects & Modelling Processor

    A Whole Lot of WOW! Bring A Collection of Guitar Amps & Effects With You! The NU-X MFX10 features 55 Effects, 19 Classic Amps & Pedal models, 12 Cabinet Models, built-in Drum Machine, 20 second phrase loop and expression pedal. Features: A total of 55 models, up to eight can be used simultaneously 19 classic amp and pedal models with A/B channel switching Vintage 3-band passive EQ for every amp model Parametric EQ with extra middle frequency sweep control for pedals 12 cabinet models provide two different modes for guitar amplifier or mixer/PA input Built-in drum machine with CD quality PCM sounds Up to 20 seconds phrase loop with sound on sound The AUX IN jack makes it easy to practice along with MP3, CDs and other inputs The expression pedal lets you adjust the volume or effects parameters in real time Big backlit 160 x 128 TFT LCD for clear, easy viewing of the device’s name, parameters, tuner display etc A total of 72 presets: 36 factory + 36 user presets. The A/B switch allows you to use up to 144 presets New generation 32-bit DSP, High Performance 24 Bit/ 48kHz AD/DA convertors Latest TS/AC (True Simulation of Analog Circuits) Technology duplicates the distortion and tone shape of tube and vintage effect pedals Specifications: Effects types: 55 Effect modules: Max. 8 simultaneous modules Preset memory User settings: 4-Preset (A-D) x 9 (1-9) groups = 36 Factory setting: 4-Preset (A-D) x 9 (1-9) groups = 36 Total 72 presets (up to 144 presets with AMP A/B switch) Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz AD/DA converter: 24bit Signal processing: 32bit Frequency response: 20Hz - 20,000Hz ±1dB THD+N:  < 0.01% Display: 160 x 128 TFT LCD Jacks: INPUT, LEFT(MONO), RIGHT, HEADPHONES, AUX IN, EXT.PEDAL, DC IN Input: -10dBv @ 1M? Output: -10dBv (Output load impedance of 10k? or more) AUX In: -10dBV @ 10k or more Headphones: 20mW + 20mW (into 32? load) Power: 9V DC, 500mA, ACD-007A (Negative pin) Dimensions: 330(L) × 202(W) × 72(H)mm Weight: 2.65kg Accessories: Owner’s Manual, Power Adaptor  

  • NU-X MG-20 Guitar Modeling Processor

    NU-X MG-20 Guitar Modeling Processor

    A Wide Array of Effects NUX MG-20 comes loaded with 60 beautifully-crafted and newly assembled DSP effects, plus 16 of the most preferred and realistic amp/cabinet emulators. And equipped with high quality essential guitar sounds like overdrive, distortion, compression, EQ, delay, reverb and all modulation effects such as Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo and more. From your guitar to the speakers, your tone is under control! Noise Gate MG-20’s built-in noise gate can eliminate the unwanted noise without affecting your tone. Threshold control sets the noise level you want to filter out. Decay parameter lets you adjust how fast the sound fades out when the input signal becomes lower than the set threshold.   Compressor Compression normalizes the dynamic range of an instrument. MG-20’s compressor makes the output of your guitar more consistent, you can control the compressor sensitivity and output level to adjust the compressor for your essential needs.   Overdrive / Distortion / Fuzz You can choose one of the 8 drive sounds from Tube Screamer overdrive to Metal Distortion including Fuzz. Each tone has its own characteristic sound and comes with its own parameter controls. This will be your main sound.   Amplifier / Cabinets You can connect the MG-20 directly to a PA system or audio interface, using the 16 brand new onboard amp and 13 cabinet emulators. Choose from 16 classic amp models all newly and faithfully created to be adjusted exactly as you would with the knobs and switches of the real thing. And pair your amp with one of the 13 cabinet models.   Equalizer MG-20 comes with 2 types of equalizers. You can tune the frequencies by using 7-band graphic equalizer or 4-band graphic equalizer. 4-band graphic EQ allows you to set which frequency you want to control.   Modulation Effects MG-20 offers the best selection of modulation effects for high quality sound enhancement. Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Tremolo and more effects are ready to enhance your sound. Each effect has its own control parameters to customize the effect in all aspects.   Delay There are 6 types of delay you can choose and customize. Each delay effect comes with Time, Level and Feedback controls and MG-20 also offers Tap sub-division control. You can customize the delay speed by using Time and adjust the amount of repeats by using the Feedback parameters as usual. And it can create a variety of delay patterns by changing the Tap subdivision. Delay speed also can be set by Tap Tempo.   Reverb MG-20 has 3 types of reverb effects; Plate, Room and Hall. All reverb effects comes with Pre-Delay, Decay, Level and Hi-Cut controls. You can customize any Reverb effect to create an atmospheric sound reflection or it can create a sound like you are playing in a studio or a big concert hall   Quick Access / Additional Control MG-20 has multi-functional 3 footswitches. You can switch presets, control the drum playing and looper function with 2 main footswitch. And it has one assignable control footswitch “CTRL”, allows you to quick access tone controls and also operate loop station. You can connect one additional external pedal via MG-20’s “EXT. PEDAL” input on the top to get better multi-fx pedal experience.   Expression Pedal MG-20’s expression pedal controls the master volume and any selected effect / filter in real time. The pedal controls the master volume in default mode and you can switch to control effect parameter by pushing the top of the pedal a bit hard and engage the effect mode. You can assign some additional effects such as Wah and Whammy and adjust easily.   You will never play alone! Realistic-sounded drums playing the patterns in a variety of different music genres, everything such as pop, rock, blues and more. You can record up to 60 seconds loop track with the selected drum style, MG-20 will be your best band mate. Also it has SD memory card port, it supports mp3 audio format. Also “CTRL” can be assigned as a mp3 players Start/Stop button, everything is under your foot. Now you are ready to rock! Features: Large 2.4 inches color TFT LCD Drum Machine and Loop Station Tuner Additional Control Switch Built-in MP3/WAV Player User Friendly Interface / Easy Access Total of 60 Effect Models 36 User Presets + 36 Factory Presets Output Modes 32-bit Floating Point DSP Processing USB Port for Updating Software and tone editing. Specifications: Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz AD/DA conversion: 24bit Frequency Response: 20Hz-20000Hz ± 1dB THD+N: -93dBu(<0,003%) Dynamic Range: 110dB Input: -20dB Output: -10dB Power: DV 9V Dimensions: 330(L) x 210(W) x 83(H) mm Weight: 3.15kg  

  • NU-X MG-30 Versatile Guitar Modeling Processor

    NU-X MG-30 Versatile Guitar Modeling Processor

    Pro-Level Modeling Since we announced MG-300, the best-budget compact modeler on the market ever, people started noticing our TSAC-HD (White-Box) Modeling Algorithm. It offers you realistic amp response and playability. And now, the MG-30 provides you better definition from HD to 2K! With 2 powerful NXP® RT processors, MG-30 drives 1024 samples Impulse Response resolution with ultra-low system latency to give you tight and fast response. Premium 32-bit 2-channel AD/DA converters realize "high quality sound performance". MG-30 has super wide dynamic range ~ 110dB ! 4" Large Colorful LCD Intuitive user interface with a large colorful LCD lets you get rid of reading manuals. The 5-way encoder lets you navigate for quick editing, signal block routing, jack setting and more. Signal block indicator presents current status, and helps you quickly engage/bypass or edit related effects. Holding the HOME/GLOBAL BUTTON enters the Global Setting. Here you'll find lots of great application designs. Amp Models ~ Less is More! Working musicians don't need hundreds of mediocre amp models. Knowing this, we focused on 30 classic essentials, and made each and every one live up to the standards of the most demanding players. Included in our top-shelf collection are: 25 electric guitar amp models 2 acoustic amp models 3 bass amp models Need to record a bass track? MG-30 offers 3 great bass amp models and 8 bass cab IRs. Simulating an acoustic guitar sound? MG-30 provides 3 acoustic IRs and 2 acoustic amp models for electric guitar to simulate acoustic guitar sound *Note: We offer BIAS parameter on Valve Amp Models, so you can tweak it to adjust the warmth of your sound. For cathode biased power amp, there is no BIAS parameter. Impulse Response NUX created the iconic Solid Studio which was famous for its great sounding cab IRs with 8 legendary mics and 3 mic positions . . . . . . so we decided to include these beloved IRs into the MG-30. And, yes we also included bass cab IRs and acoustic IRs. For each patch, you can load a 3rd party IR. It means you can load 32 x 4 =128 IRs into the MG-30. *Note: MG-30 drives 1024 samples IR resolution. Effects & Block Routing WAH - Clyde, Cry BB, V847, Horse Wah, Octave-Shift CMP - Rose, K Comp, Studio Comp GATE - Noise Reduction EFX - Dist+, RC Boost, AC Boost, Dist One, T Scream, Blues Drv, Morning Drv, EAT, Red Dirt, Crunch, Muff Fuzz, Katana Boost EQ - 6-Band, Align, 10-Band, Para MOD - CE-1, CE-2, ST Chorus, Vibrator, Detune, Flanger, Phase 90, Phase 100, S.C.F., U-Vibe, Tremolo, Rotary, Harmonist DLY - Analog, Digital, Modulation, Tape, Reverse, Pan, Duotime RVB - Room, Hall, Plate, Spring, Shimmer Post-EFX Parallel Routing I/O The versatile I/O can let you run 4 cable method or connect with other effects. You can adjust the SEND / RETURN Loop at any position in the signal path. The EXP1 can be used with expression pedal or with NUX NMP-2 to remote signal blocks. *Note: Why doesn't MG-30 offer Stomp Mode? With the NMP-2 and CTRL, you can remote 3 signal blocks as stomp application. So the delay and reverb has trail when you disengage it. USB: Audio Interface , QuickTone™ Editor, Firmware Update, MIDI *Note: You can customize MIDI CC through QucikTone™ edit software. 4 Cable Method FEATURES: Two powerful NXP® RT processors, MG-30 drives 1024 samples Impulse Response resolution with ultra-low system latency to give you tight and fast response Premium 32-bit 2-channel AD/DA converters realize "high quality sound performance" MG-30 has super wide dynamic range ~ 110dB Pro-Level Amp Modeling with Bias Tweaking 11 Independent moveable signal blocks with optional parallel post-efx routing 4" large colorful LCD with intuitive UI 1024 samples IR resolution and 3rd party IR loader slot with each user patch Versatile application scenes and global settings Ultra-low system latency(2ms) and 2 powerful DSPs Comes with NMP-2 for external foot control USB recording interface, firmware update, QuickTone™ edit software    

  • NU-X MG-300 Guitar Modeling Processor

    NU-X MG-300 Guitar Modeling Processor

    Tiny, Compact, Powerful…The Realistic Modeler! Dollar-for-dollar, the best multi-efx on the market. Our dream was to develop a compact and versatile multi-efx pedal at the right price. We understand that both beginners and working musicians are looking for compact size and great sound at an affordable price. This was a big challenge, and we're proud to say we did it!. Features: TSAC-HD Pre-Effects and Amp Modeling algorithm providing optimum sound response and playability CORE-IMAGE Post-Effects sound library offering you studio sound quality User-friendly interface and interactive Quick Tone™ Edit Software IR (Impulse Response), USB audio stream (recording interface with re-amp function), and more! USB audio stream for recording interface with routing setup 56 drum beats and 60 seconds Phrase Loop Synchronization with Rhythm Global 3 bands EQ for quick adjustments in live application Dimensions (L x W x H): 320mm x 445mm x 90mm Weight in Bag: 3.60kgs Pre-Effects - Empowered by NUX TSAC-HD Technology We've all experienced digital pre-effect pedals that belong on the Wall of Shame - especially Overdrive. Modelers of this kind used the linear algorithm which doesn't provide negative-feedback for dynamic playability. Enter the NUX MG-300, the modeler that will totally blow your mind! The pre-effect block beautifully recreates the awesome signature sound of real analog overdrive / distortion pedals. [TSAC-HD] - WHITE-BOX Amp Modeling Algorithm What is the most important component in an Amp Modeler? In 2010 NUX introduced TSAC (True Simulation fo Analog Circuit) with the sole intention of bringing Amp Modeling to a whole new level. The DSP industry has been evolving at breakneck speed, and keeping up can be a challenge. We were impressed that a product like the Fractal® AX-FX had the foresight to use a high-definition TSAC (white-box) algorithm to do its Amp Modeling. So we took note and started development on an affordable modeler with TSAC-HD. The concept of "Chaos makes the muse" perfectly applies to the analogue circuit. When you tweak the knob, it affects itself as well as other parameters. For a linear digital system, the parameter is independent. The white-box algorithm offers real negative-feedback, increment-by-increment. NUX TSAC-HD replicates the same playability most guitarists prefer in a real tube amplifier. Building a sky-high priced product is easy. The art of building an affordable product is a real challenge. We priced the MG-300, with a straightforward high-performance algorithm to not only fit this specific DSP platform, but dominate the multi-efx platform in general. Impulse Response for Cabinet Simulation NUX is well-known for Impulse Response technology. Using IR is the most popular way to do cab simulation today. Why ? Because the sound is noticeably more realistic compared to traditional cab simulation. MG-300 offers 512 sample resolution of impulse response. You can load 3rd party IR files using NUX QuickTone edit software. (MG-300 supports 48kHz wav format) The built-in 25 cabinet IRs combine 4 classic microphones with 3 positions to allow beginners a quick and easy way to jump into the multi effects experience. Modulation NUX built the popular Mini Core Series and the Verdugo Series (post effects) using Core Image Technology. Now MG-300 provides you with the same sound library - including all the classic Chorus, Flanger, Phase, Vibe, Rotary, Vibrato, and more. You can adjust the MOD position as below: Delay If you have tried out the Cerberus or Atlantic, you know NUX's impressive Delay and Reverb sound. MG-300 offers even more new models and algorithms with Core Image technology. It also provides sub-division and tap tempo to make your tone more musical. N.B. You can adjust the DLY position as below... Reverb Just like the iconic sound of NUX's Atlantic reverb algorithm, MG-300 adds Room for small environment reflection. Simple operation with great sound is our mission. Try it… you'll love it! Jam (Drum & Looper) MG-300 supports NUX Phrase Loop Synchronization with Rhythm - a breakthrough technology derived from the popular NUX Loop Core Stompbox and later the JTC Pro Drum & Loop. Every guitarist has his/her own funky way so a truly versatile drum & looper is indispensable. MG-300 has 8 rhythm styles, each style has 7 different beats. You can play the rhythm then record your phrase loop. MG-300 will automatically amend the phrase to fit the current rhythm BPM. *MG-300 offers 60s phrase loop recording time. Quick Tone™ Editor Software Connect to NUX Quick Tone™, and you can easily tweak parameters, download patches, load 3rd party IRs, and even set up USB audio-stream routing. Quick Tone is an interactive edit software - when you tweak the Real knobs, you'll see your changes in Real time. Note: Expression Pedal The Expression Pedal can be used to control the volume or the effects. WAH: Controls the WAH filter. EFX: Controls GAIN (DRIVE) parameter of OD/DIST. Or controls PITCH parameter of PITCH BENDER. AMP: Controls LEVEL parameter of AMP. MOD: Controls MIX level of Modulation effects. DLY: Controls MIX level of Delay effects. RVB: Controls MIX level of Reverb effects. Detailed instructions on how to assign functions and how to calibrate the pedal are provided in the User Manual  

  • NU-X MG-400 Guitar Modeling Processor

    NU-X MG-400 Guitar Modeling Processor

    Best Value Modeler The NUX MG-400 is a value packed modeler akin to his little brother, the MG-300. MG-400 houses 2 powerful DSP chips for high-definition White-Box Amp Modeling algorithm (TS/AC-HD) and Core-Image post-effects. Since releasing the MG-300, people have been blown away by the sound and playability, not to mention the ease-of-use tone tweaking and intuitive interface. And now, the MG-400 builds upon the MG-300 feature set moveable signal blocks, 12 IR COLLECTION slots, flexible P.L block with MIN & MAX parameter setup, abundant SYSTEM MENU, and physical MASTER volume knob, MG-400 is now the best value modeler for the money. [TSAC-HD] WHITE-BOX AMP MODELING Same Amp Modeling Algorithm as MG-300, for easy Tone Tweaking: The White-box Amp Modeling & Pre-Efx algorithm offers realistic playability and analog-chaos response.The concept of "Chaos makes the muse" perfectly applies to the analogue circuit. When you tweak the knob, it affects itself as well as other parameters. For a linear digital system, the parameter is independent. The white-box algorithm offers real-time feedback, increment-by-increment. NUX TS/AC-HD replicates the same playability most guitarists crave in a real tube amplifier. IMPULSE RESPONSE 512 samples IR resolution and USER slot with each patch. (additional 12 IR COLLECTION slots) The MG-400 includes multiple impulse response of 512 samples each. You can load 3rd party IR files using our NUX QuickTone edit software (support up to 48kHz sample rate). The included 25 guitar cabinet IRs combine 4 classic microphones with 3 mic positions to allow beginners a quick and easy way to jump into the multi effects experience. Also included are 8 bass cabinet IRs and 3 acoustic guitar IRs, giving you the ability to play bass guitar on MG-400 or use electric guitar to simulate acoustic guitar sound with acoustic guitar IRs. 10 INDEPENDENT FLEXIBLE BLOCKS NG, CMP, EFX, AMP, IR, EQ, MOD, DLY, RVB, P.L | 10 independent moveable signal blocks. You can move signal blocks freely on the MG-400 and/or QuickTone editing software. Set the PATCH LEVEL block in front of AMP to swell the volume. Put DELAY block in front of gain stage to create grooving riffs. There are lots of tone creations with the flexible block routing. 2.8” COLOR LCD 2.8” 320*240 color LCD with intuitive UI. An intuitive user interface with a colorful LCD lets you get rid of reading manuals. Keep it Simple! SCENE FUNCTIONALITY Use SCENES to engage/disengage blocks with either CTRL footswitch. You can assign CTRL1 or CTRL2 to trigger the SCENE Functionality. Each preset has 3 scenes, which are snapshots within a preset. This is a powerful function for live gigs. Each SCENE can engage/disengage signal blocks freely, and it retains the DELAY / REVERB trails when you disengage them with SCN CTRL. Jam (Drum & Looper) The MG-400 supports NUX Phrase Loop Synchronization with Rhythm. You can play the rhythm then record your phrase loop. MG-400 will automatically beat match the phrase to fit the current rhythm BPM. *Choose either STEREO / MONO looping. (Stereo is 30 seconds, mono is 60 seconds.) Two Recording Modes *NR = Normal Recording works as regular loop function, while you press CTRL1(LOOP) footswitch, it starts to record the phrase loop*AR = Auto Recording will stand by while you press CTRL1(LOOP) footswitch, once you hit the strings, it will start to record your phrase loop. Quick Tone Editor Software You can download the QuickTone™ editor from the MG-400 product page. An intuitive interface is provided for tweaking parameters, dragging block order, setup SCN, save patches, load patches, export patches, load IRs, set up USB routing and CTRL SETTING; all by simply using QuickTone™. USB Audio Interface For home studio and silent practice, the MG-400’s USB audio capabilities makes it the Swiss Army Knife of guitar audio interfaces. Connect it via USB to your PC, and you can record tracks, reamp, and even do livestreaming with the MG-400. In Normal mode, you can choose Loopback to play the playbacks from PC when doing a live stream Re-amp: MG-400 offers Dry Out and Re-amp recording applications.   FEATURES: 2.8” 320 x 240 colour LCD with intuitive UI. NG, CMP, EFX, AMP, IR, EQ, MOD, DLY, RVB, P.L | 10 independent moveable signal blocks. White-box Amp Modeling & Pre-efx algorithm offers realistic playability and analog-chaos response. 512 samples IR resolution and USER slot with each patch. (additional 12 IR COLLECTION slots) Electric guitar amp models, bass amp models, and acoustic simulation IRs with related acoustic amp models. Input trim under SYSTEM MENU. 5 output modes with global 3 band EQ for quick tone tweaking. (Besides STUDIO DIRECT, others will disengage IR signal as default.) PARA. FOLLOW function can track your effect tweaking habits. USB recording interface, firmware update, QuickTone™ edit software.  

  • NU-X MG100 Multi-Effects & Modelling Processor

    NU-X MG100 Multi-Effects & Modelling Processor

    NUX MG-100 offers all guitar effects, including a variety of distortion, compression, modulation, delay, reverb, amplifier and cabinet models. And it comes with a user-friendly interface which you can reach the main controls easily by using Gain, Level and Master knobs on the front. A High-Resolution TFT LCD screen allows you to control and adjust everything clear and precise. It's all about sound. Add in 13 great sounding guitar amps modeling, 58 effects with the ability to use up to 8 of them simultaneously and 11 cabinet models. Plus 56 built-in rhythm accompaniment patterns and an onboard chromatic tuner and loop station, and take your guitar playing to a next level. Dynamics / Filter – Variety of filter options to shape and control your sound with compressors, noise gates, filters, 6-band graphic EQ, and wah effects.Overdrive / Distortion – We've put everything together and you can create your drive tone by selecting boosters, overdrive, fuzz, and lead guitar sounds.Amp / Cabinets – 13 very realistic models, including simulations of classic tube and solid-state amps.Modulation – Enhance your sound with your choice of phasers and flangers, plus chorus, pitch shift, tremolo, and vibrato.Delay / Reverb – Delay and natural-sounding reverbs, including rooms, halls, plates, springs, and tape delay simulators, all designed to add depth and harmony to your sound.Tuner - Instantly accessible, fast and precise chromatic tuner. 56 drum rhythms, in your hand!Realistic-sounded drums playing the patterns in a variety of different music genres, everything from rock to metal, and from pop to blues.  The rhythm function can also be used with the 40 seconds Looper function allowing you to jam with unlimited overdub layers and countless of hours. MG-100's built-in expression pedal can be used as a volume pedal or assigned to control any selected parameter in real time. Features: 13 classic amp and 11 speaker cabinet models powered by NUX TS/AC Technology A total of 58 effects; up to 8 can be used simultaneously 3-band vintage EQ modeling for every amp model 6-band graphic EQ User-friendly interface - High-quality TFT LCD display Realistic drum sounds and 56 drum rhythms Up to 40 seconds phrase loop, unlimited overdubs Tap Tempo Auxiliary Input The multi-functional expression pedal can be assigned to control a desired parameter or master volume. Large color TFT LCD panel (160 x128), graphic interface A total of 72 presets, 36 factory + 36 user presets New generation 32 bit DSP, high-performance 24Bit 44.1kHz AD/DA converter Runs on batteries and AC adaptor (ACD-007A). Six AA/LR6 alkaline batteries all up to 8 hours of continuous use.  

  • Zoom G1 FOUR Guitar Mult-Effects Pedal

    Zoom G1 FOUR Guitar Mult-Effects Pedal

    TWO PEDALS. ENDLESS SOUNDS. G1 FOUR/G1X FOUR  Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals The Zoom G1 FOUR and G1X FOUR feature over 70 effects and amp models, looper and drum machine. Plus, access ZOOM Guitar Lab’s additional library of downloadable effects. Plug in and be amazed!

  • Zoom G11 Guitar Effects & Amp Simulator

    Zoom G11 Guitar Effects & Amp Simulator

    The ZOOM G11 Multi-Effects Processor for Guitarists THIS ONE’S FOR THE CREATORS At Zoom, we’ve been designing Multi-Effects for guitar players for over 30 years. The G11 represents the culmination of our engineering and passion.   Let Your Creativity Soar Our best engineers took the tonal qualities of the greatest amps in history, combined them, and crafted all new amp models designed to give you new palettes of tone, to take your creativity to a whole new level. Effects You Love and More In addition to the classic effects you love, the G11 offers brand new Distortion and Modulation effects, unlocking endless new tone possibilities. More Cabinet Sounds Than Ever G11 provides 22 cabinet emulations of all modeling amps plus 70 pre-loaded full impulse response (IR) data, that were captured with different microphones in various positions, providing you a wide spectrum of cabinet sounds to choose from. Additionally, you can import up to 130 of your own IR’s. Touch and Go Your sounds may be complex but building them shouldn’t be. With easy-to-use, application driven technology, the G11’s 5-inch color touchscreen lets you drag, drop and swipe your way to new sounds. “The G11 has an infinite combination of sounds. As a busy professional it's important that I can easily access what I need. With the G11, I'm able to quickly create essential customized patches for all my playing situations.” Michael O’Neill Guitarist | George Benson, Barbra Streisand, Al Jarreau It Feels Like Home While the G11 is our most advanced pedal ever, it’s super familiar. From the stompbox control to the amp panel, you’ll feel like you’ve been here before. Play by Patch Ideal for live performance, Play by Patch lets you scroll through all of your patches. Play by Effect Great for studio work, Play by Effect provides a complete visual representation of your custom pedal chain. Play by Bank Organize your patches in song lists with Play by Bank for quick access to every sound for every song. Loop & Groove With a 5-minute looper add layers to solo performances. Choose your groove from 68 built-in rhythm patterns in various genres and time signatures. Return to Sender Add external mono and stereo effects, build parallel audio chains, and synchronize/trigger other devices via MIDI. Audio Interface The G11 is a full-on audio interface for Mac and PC. Record directly to your favorite DAW via USB. Cubase LE is bundled in the box. Guitar Lab Wirelessly connect the G11 directly to the Handy Guitar Lab app via Bluetooth. With the optional BTA-1 adaptor, you can browse and upload/download an endless assortment of amps, effects and artists patches as provided on Guitar Lab software. ZOOM ORIGINAL EFFECTS Krampus Combines the brightness of an 80's British amp, with the solid low range of a modern high gain amp. Redloom Merges the simple tone of early guitar amps with the rich overtones of a 60's tube amp, perfect for rhythm guitar. Velvet Provides a smooth character that balances the dynamic response between the wound and plain strings, enabling you to play both lead and rhythm without switching amp channels. Muddy Delivers a vintage amp sound perfect for gritty Blues. 7 Heaven Combines a very tight low end with expanded dynamic response, perfect for 7 and 8 string guitars. “The G11 with its amplifier models and unique effects is a guitar player’s dream for home recording. The stereo outputs interface perfectly with my home recording rig and provide so many more creative sound options.” Carl Verheyen Guitarist | Super Tramp | LA Session Musician New Distortion Effects Razor Drive uses comb filtering to control the sound saturation by boosting the filter and therefore distortion, at each frequency point of resonance. This processing creates a new distortion never before heard. Wave Shaper Wave Shaper applies a new original algorithm to shape the waveform and create a unique sound extremely rich in harmonics. New Modulation Effects PolyShift PolyShift adds subtle sound variances over a two-octave range to deliver a modern pitch shifting effect. Geminos Geminos is a real-time doubling effect that adds thickness and width by triple overdubbing the original dry signal. This reproduces a random organic texture when playing chords and powerful sustain for solos. SwellVibe SwellVibe, unlike any standard vibrato that starts modulating the signal from the start, applies pitch modulation with a time lag affecting only the sustain of your sound. It inspires unconventional ways for playing ambient pads.   Features of the G11 Integrated pedal board with dedicated amp modeling panel, five stomp switches and expression/volume Control Touchscreen interface on color LCD with drag and swipe functions for easy and fast navigation Chain up to nine effects plus an amplifier emulation Original amp modeling combinations Original distortion and modulation effects 70 built in IR emulations plus 130 available slots for user uploaded IR's Two send/return effects loop plus MIDI in/out 5-minute stereo looper 68 built-in rhythm patterns USB audio interface for direct recording to your DAW Remote iOS connection for using Handy Guitar Lab via Bluetooth adapter (BTA-1) Compatible with Zoom Guitar Lab to download additional effects ¼ inch guitar input plus ⅛ inch aux input Stereo ¼ inch outputs plus ¼ inch headphone output ¼ inch input for FP-02M expression pedal Bluetooth Adapto Slot to insert optional Bluetooth adapter to connect iOS device to utilize Handy Guitar Lab USB-C Port to Connect to computer for Guitar Lab software and record directly to your DAW USB Port to connect a flashdrive to import IR data or update the firmware Dimensions: 253 mm (D) × 495 mm (W) × 64 mm (H) Weight 2.8 kg

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