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  • Kat KA1 Digital Drum Kit Amplifier

    Kat KA1 Digital Drum Kit Amplifier

    Share your sound with KAT Digital Drum Amplifiers. The 50W KA1 is the perfect choice for smaller rooms or small studio environments. KAT Amps are tailored specifically for digital drums to achieve the most accurate acoustic response. Features: Kat Electronic Drum Amplifier Specially Tuned for Electronic Drum Kits 50 Watts 1 x 10" Speaker 1 x 2.5" Tweeter Frequency Response: 20-20KHz 3 Band EQ to fine Tune your E-Kit EQ Centers: Low: 60Hz, Mid: 800Hz, High: 10Khz 3 x 1/4" Inputs for other Instruments or Sound Sources 3.5mm Stereo Input for external devices such as MP3 Player 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack Large Carry Handle Durable Construction that's built to last Dimensions 15.5" D x 15.5" W x 16.25" H (394 x 394 x 413mm Weight 31.4 lbs (14.3 kg)

  • NU-X 30W Electronic Drum Kit Amplifier

    NU-X 30W Electronic Drum Kit Amplifier

    NUX DA-30 is designed for portable electronic drum monitoring. The speaker responds well to drum’s frequency and also has an adjustable low frequency band. DA-30’s TSAC technology offers a richer sound quality than similar products to make musicians “feel” more adapted into the different scenes and sounds. DA30 is also compatibale with any electronic keyboard, digital piano or synthesizer. It has 2 inputs with independent volume control, it can be useful for 2 musicians to share monitoring in the studio or just playing at home. DA30 is equipped with 30W power amplifier, 10" full-range speakers, frequency response characteristics significantly for the frequency characteristics of the various drum instruments optimized circuit design, bright treble, tenor and full, bass shock having two frequency adjustment button: treble, bass, provides the user with better adjustability. Features: Power Output 30W Power Consumption 40W Input Impedance Ch. 1 68K oHms Input Impedance Ch. 2 68K OHms Bass ±15dB @ 60Hz Treble ±15dB @ 10kHz CD Input -10dBv (2 x RCA) Speaker Coaxial (10" LF + 1" HF) Dimensions 430(H) x 390(W) x 340(D) mm Net Weight 12kg Gross Weight 14kg

  • NU-X DM1X Portable Digital Drum Kit

    NU-X DM1X Portable Digital Drum Kit

    DM-1X is a high quality entry-level digital drum kit in the NUX digital drums family. Following its predecessor model DM-1, DM-1X has significant upgrade in appearance and structural stability. It retains the original portable concept, while being more adjustable. DM-1X has an independent kick drum to restore the most realistic playing experience. It offers drum sampling that covers all music styles, as well as the reverb effect adjustment. Moreover, its user-friendly coach and recording function helps you keep track of all your progress. And the simple drum module is easy to use while delivering powerful functions. Specifications: 3 x Toms 1 x Snare - Dual Zone 1 x Hi-hat - Dual Zone 1 x Crash Cymbal - Dual Zone 1 x Ride Cymbal - Dual Zone 1 x Bass Drum on Tower 1 x Hi-hat Pedal Stylish, Sturdy & Adjustable Metal Rack One Knob Reverb Effect Adjustment 20 Precisely Sampled Studio Kits Built-in Play Along Songs Built in Metronome LED Display Drum Coach & Recording Function Click: To edit tempo, speed and volume of Metronome MIDI function: USB-MIDI Interface: 3.5mm earphone plug, USB- MIDI, AUX in, 6.35mm Mono output Power Source: DC-9V Negative tip (included) Includes 1 x set of Drumsticks High-Quality Entry-Level Drums DM-1X is for everyone who wants to keep practicing and enjoys playing drums at home. DM-1X has high-quality drum pads, and it supports fundamental acoustic playing technique with a perfect response. No matter strike feedback or touching, DM-1X provides you with the most authentic acoustic feel and perfect drumming experience. Legendary Sound Library The drum sound library of DM-1X cover various music genres such as rock, blues, jazz, metal, electronic and more. In creating these kits we took advice from various accomplished professional drummers, in addition to sampling sounds from some legendary popular kits that have been the signature sounds of many popular artists over the years. Coach and Recording DM-1X is more than just a digital drum kit - it's also a digital drum coach. The built-in coach function helps players keep track of their daily practice and helps improve the skills step by step. The recording function can capture any ideas or innovative beats at any time.

  • NU-X DM7X Professional 9-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with All Mesh Heads

    NU-X DM7X Professional 9-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with All Mesh Heads

    DM-7X Professional Digital Drum Set with all Mesh Heads NUX collaborates with REMO, the world-renowned drumhead brand, and equips DM -7X with all excellent REMO mesh heads.  Enhanced by the latest Dual-Triggering technology (head and rim), DM-7X's 10" NDP-10 snare and the 8" NDP-8 toms provide accurate triggering and large strike area, together with authentic acoustic feel.  Meanwhile, with the advanced velocity-sensitive drum pads and cymbals,  you can set parameters for your drum triggers to ensure the most accurate and natural response.  DM-7X also features 30 precisely-sampled studio kits and a customizable sound library, which delivers the most realistic and expressive drum sounds.    In addition, practice mode offers recording and 5 types of coach functions, and various effects are available to further expand the playability All Mesh Heads made by Remo NUX cooperates with REMO to equip DM-7X with all REMO mesh heads.    No matter strike feedback or touching, DM-7X can provide you with the perfect drumming experience.  The mesh head has been tested for more than 1 million strokes and is thus very durable. Two trigger zones are at the head and at the rim.    The tone changes depending on where and how hard you strike, ensuring the most realistic playing feel. Customizable Sound Library DM-7X has 30 sets of preset kits, as well as 18 sets of user kits for you to get creative. Just turn the INSTRUMENT knob and hit the pad  to call up the sound assigned to it, use the UP and DOWN button to select the instrument, and edit it the way you want. Meanwhile, you can add effects on the kit with ONE KNOB function: Overdrive, Compressor, Reverb and Tune (all editable). Elegant Curve Design, Simple to Install & Adjust   For easier and faster installation and adjustment, NUX designed the DM-7X drum rack into a stylish curve shape.  No matter where it is placed, definitely a piece of art. Recording and Playing along with Tracks Tired of practicing solo? Want some jamming music to play along with? No worries, DM-7X has various selections of demo songs that you can play along.  You can also create your own tracks by connecting your audio devices via AUX IN interface, or through the wireless Bluetooth connection. If you would like to evaluate your drumming performances, just simply click the "Record" button before you start playing. Specifications: 3 x 8" Toms 1 x 10" Snare 12" Hi Hat 12" Crash 14" Ride Hi Hat Control 1 Kick Drum & Pedal DM-7X Module TAP/Metronome, Rhythm, Tempo Rate, Volume, EFX Midi Port through USB Headphone, Output, Power In, USB Midi, Aux In, Tom4 Trigger-In All Mesh Remo Drum Heads

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products)