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Drum Accessories

Drum Accessories

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  • Adam Clamp-On Drum Stick Holder

    Adam Clamp-On Drum Stick Holder

    Adam Clamp-On Drum Stick Holder that will clamp onto any stand and will hold 2 pairs of drumsticks.

  • Dixon 5-Pce Drum Muffler Ring Set

    Dixon 5-Pce Drum Muffler Ring Set

    Dixon 5-Pce Drum Muffler O-Ring Set includes 10", 12", 13", 14" & 16" O-Rings.

  • Drum Shield - 5 Sections 168cm High

    Drum Shield - 5 Sections 168cm High

    In the current high tech era, the science of live sound has grown prodigiously with advances in mic, speaker, monitoring, and PA technology. Backline amplification has shrunk as sound reinforcement has grown exponentially. This has led to a need to reduce the drummer's volume on stage on many venues, tours, bands, etc., without stifling his/her creativity and energy. Hence, audio prophylaxis for the drum set. To a soundman's delight, the assembled shield - made of clear acrylic panels - substantially isolates the drums acoustically from the other instruments.

  • Drum Stick Bag - Reunion Blues Leather Large

    Drum Stick Bag - Reunion Blues Leather Large

    Reunion Blues bags are crafted from full-grain leathers for ultimate luxury. Our large stick bag is a leader in convenience with its removable shoulder strap and large zippered outside pocket. Soft, tarnish-resistant interior lining cradles your sticks while the zipper-guard foam overlap protects against damage. Each bag is reinforced at tested stress points and double stitched with extra-strength high tensile thread. The bags are finished with custom plated hardware, including industrial strength zippers, extra-strength riveted handles and strap attachments for unsurpassable longevity. Luxurious full-grain leather Loop style carry handle Leather ties for fastening bag to drum kit

  • Gibraltar Standard Drum Key

    Gibraltar Standard Drum Key

    The Gibraltar SC-4244 Standard Drum Key has a 1/4" Socket that fits all standard drum key tension rods.

  • GrooveTech 1/4" Drive Drum Key Socket

    GrooveTech 1/4" Drive Drum Key Socket

    Most drum keys are crude castings, but we went the professional tool route of forging and heat-treating our drum key. They result is high strengh, despite an ultra-thin wall, and tight manufacturing tolerances. Our drum key won't break, but if it did, a lifetime warranty would cover it anyway. Does your regular drum key's maker offer that? We didn't think so...

  • GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tool

    GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tool

    Drums take a beating. Literally. Such abuse means ongoing adjustment and repair - even during a performance, so we updated our already formidable GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tool for 2019. It'll quickly remedy problems on virtually all makes and models of drums, starting with a drum key that's made to the same high standards as our T-Handle Drum Key. No multi-tool would be complete without the standard array of screwdrivers, so we provide a 5mm slotted and #1 and #2 Phillips. But where this tool really adds value is its collection of both inch and metric hex wrench sizes to handle pedals and other hardware. A one-piece body makes rotation and storage of components easy, and a stainless ruler was added for additional functionality. All tools are forged to precision tolerances using a heat-treated S2 alloy with a polished chrome finish for some extra bling on the bandstand. PATENTS PENDING.

  • GrooveTech T-Handle Drum Key

    GrooveTech T-Handle Drum Key

    The GrooveTech puts a new “spin” on drum keys with a unique sliding “T” handle that allows quick and easy changing of drum heads without power tools. The handle can be slid from one end to the other for extra leverage – especially useful for high-tension drum corps tuning. Fit and finish is top-drawer, using heat-treated chrome vanadium alloy with a polished chrome finish. The detachable 1/4” drive drum key socket is made to precise tolerances.

  • Kaces Pro Drum Rug with Carry Nylon Carry Bag

    Kaces Pro Drum Rug with Carry Nylon Carry Bag

    Our Crash Pad drum rug is the world's best-selling drum rug, and is designed to keep your kit in place. Heavy-duty black polypropylene fabric provides sturdy anchoring for spurs and stands, and an additional wood barrier is located at the edge to help keep the bass drum firmly in place. We also include a nylon carry bag for easy transport to and from gigs or for storage when not in use. Rug dimensions: 5.5' x 4.5' (167.6 cm x 137.2 cm). Heavy-duty black polypropylene fabric 5.5' x 4.5' (167.6 cm x 137.2 cm) Includes nylon carry bag Wood barrier keeps bass drum in place

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 14 products)