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Feature Products
  • Katoh MCG20 Classical Guitar

    Katoh MCG20 Classical Guitar

    The Katoh MCG20 Classical Guitar is ideal for students looking for a guitar with great build, high quality finish and good tone. Recommended by Teachers this guitar features Spruce Top, Sapele Back & Sides, Thin Mahogay Neck with Truss Rod, Bone Nut & Saddle, Spanish Fan Bracing & comes with Savarez Classical Guitar Strings. Specifications: Full Size Classical Guitar Spruce Top Sapele Back & Sides ABS Binding & Purfling Mahogany Neck Dove Tail Neck Joint Pau Ferro Fingerboard Two Way Adjustable Truss Rod Natural Inlaid Wood Rosette Pau Ferro Bridge Bone Nut & Saddle Mother of Pearl Fret Markers 5, 7 & 9 19 Frets Spanish Fan Bracing Gold Tuners with Black Buttons 650mm Scale Length Savarez Guitar Strings.

  • Aboriginal Art Ukulele Strap Possum Dreaming

    Aboriginal Art Ukulele Strap Possum Dreaming

    Colonial Leather IUKE-06 Ukulele Strap featuring Aboriginal Possum Dreaming Design Artwork fabric sewn onto 40mm nylon webbing with genuine 2mm leather ends. Made in Australia. Features: Aboriginal Design Artwork sewn on 40mm Nylon Webbing 2mm Leather Ends with Lacing to attached to headstock Slide Adjustable in length from 80cm to 120cm Made in Australia

  • Zoom G1Xon Guitar Multi-Effects Processor/Expression Pedal

    Zoom G1Xon Guitar Multi-Effects Processor/Expression Pedal

    Here at Zoom we've been leading the way in multi-effects processing for the past twenty-five years. We're especially proud that our innovations in stomp box effect pedals have become the tools of choice for guitarists the world over. Now, with the release of the G1on and G1Xon, we're taking guitar effects to new heights - and at astonishingly affordable prices. Whatever your level of expertise, whatever your style of music, the G1on/G1Xon is sure to become an instant favorite in your pedalboard. Amazing effects, amazing features, amazing sound. The G1on offers 75 guitar effects, including a variety of distortion, compression, modulation, delay, reverb and amp models. The G1Xon offers an additional 5 pedal-controlled effects.Up to 5 effects can be used simultaneously, chained together any way you like. In addition, there are 68 built-in rhythm accompaniment patterns, and you can connect headphones to the output jack (as well as portable music players to the auxiliary input jack) for silent practice sessions. There's an onboard chromatic tuner that supports all standard guitar tunings, including open and drop tunings, and a Looper feature that enables you to record up to 30 seconds of CD-quality audio. Loop length can be set either manually or to a preset number of quarter notes (up to 64 beats), and you can loop to any rhythm pattern, with automatic quantization that ensures seamless start and end times. Programming is simple and straightforward, thanks to a streamlined user interface and the large backlit LCD screen. Advanced features such as Copy and Swap make it easy to organize your patches for live performance. An Auto Save function ensures that your edits are stored automatically, and a Pre Select feature allows you to scroll through patches silently while keeping the current patch operational. The G1Xon even provides a built-in expression pedal that enables you to control input level, output level, or any selected effect parameter. Dozens of different ways to make you a guitar hero. Both the G1on and the G1Xon allow you to choose from 75 different onboard DSP effects. (The G1Xon offers 5 additional pedal-controlled effects.) For ease of use, these are organized into the following categories:Dynamics / Filter Eleven different ways to shape and control your sound with compressors, noise gates, filters, equalizers and wah effects. Emulate the classic tone of the MXR Dynacomp, dbx 160, Moog Filter or Z. Vex Seek-Wah, or create all-new effects using the automatic Slow Attack, parametric equalizer or six-band graphic EQ. Or choose Zoom's unique Noise Reduction (ZNR) algorithm, designed to remove noise during pauses while still maintaining your guitar's natural tone. Overdrive / Distortion Twelve of the best boosters, overdrives, fuzzes and lead guitar sounds you've ever heard, including simulations of the BOSS OD-1, MXR Distortion+, Marshall Guv'nor, Fuzz Face, Big Muff and Pro Co Rat. Our ExtremeDS effect offers the most powerful gain of any distortion effect in the world, and there's also a simulator that allows your electric guitar to sound like an acoustic.Amp Twenty-two of the most realistic models ever created, including simulations of classic tube and solid-state amps from manufacturers like Fender, Marshall, Vox, Hiwatt, Mesa Boogie, Orange, Bogner, Matchless and Diezel. Our amp sounds are so lifelike, you'll swear on a stack of speaker cabinets you're listening to the real thing.Modulation / Special effects Round out your sound with your choice of sixteen phasers and flangers, plus chorus, pitch shift, tremolo and vibrato. Included are emulations of the ADA Flanger, Boss CH-1 Super Chorus and TC Electronic Corona Chorus, as well as the Zoom HPS, an intelligent harmonizer that plays along in key, and a ring modulator that adds bell-like tones to your guitar. And when you're ready to go after some truly off-the-wall sounds, try out the endlessly rhythmic Slicer.Delay / Reverb Fourteen delays and natural-sounding reverbs, including rooms, halls, plates, springs, and tape delay simulators, all designed to add depth and spaciousness to your sound, with delay times of up to 4 seconds. You'll even find reverse delays, modulated reverbs and particle reverbs here-everything you need to place your guitar in a realistic space ... or a totally unearthly one. Click here for a full list of all the G1on/G1Xon effects, along with a list of their editable parameters.NOTE: Manufacturer names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The names are used only to illustrate sonic characteristics and do not indicate any affiliation with the Zoom Corporation or Zoom North America. G1on/G1on Features. The G1on/G1Xon offers a wealth of features that make it easy to dial in the exact sound you want. Effects Chaining Complex multi-effects made easy. Question: When is a guitar effects pedal not just an effects pedal? Answer: When it's a multi-effects pedal.The G1on/G1Xon not only allows you to select and edit any of its onboard effects, it enables you to use up to 5 of them simultaneously, chained together in any order you like. This kind of power and flexibility means that you can create rich, complex effects within the unit itself instead of having to use multiple pedals.  Stompbox chains typically start with dynamics effects such as compression, before routing the signal to wah, EQ, distortion and/or overdrive effects. Modulation and spatial effects such as chorus, delay and reverb are usually placed at the end of the chain. However, there are no hard and fast rules on how to chain effects. Exciting new sounds can easily be discovered with a little experimentation and some imaginative effect chaining. The G1on/G1Xon gives you the ability to get creative with your effects chaining. You can also easily edit chains you've previously created. Simple changes in the order of effects can alter sounds dramatically. For example, an EQ set before an amp model can result in a radically different sound than having the EQ set after the amp model. That's because putting the EQ before the amp model serves to not only alter the tonal characteristic of the sound but to act as a signal booster as well. All this can be done internally with the G1on/G1Xon-much easier than physically changing the order of stompboxes Tuner, Stayin' in tune Guitarists know the importance of playing in tune. But it's not just about getting your instrument in tune; it's about keeping it in tune all night. That's no problem if you're using a G1on/G1Xon, because its built-in Tuner makes the task totally stress-free, even under the pressure of a live gig and the heat of stage lighting. The G1on/G1Xon Tuner is instantly accessible at all times: All you have to do is step on the two foot pedals simultaneously and the backlit LCD screen immediately shows you whether the note you're playing is sharp, flat, or dead on. You can opt to either bypass the currently selected effect (thus giving you a clean, unaffected sound) when tuning, or to mute the signal altogether, allowing you to tune in silence.The G1on/G1Xon Tuner is incredibly flexible, too: It can be set to a reference of A=440, or any value between 435 and 445, and can be used chromatically or in a variety of standard guitar tunings-even drop tunings of up to 3 semitones. Rhythms, the perfect accompaniment. Rhythm training is an important part of every guitarist's craft. The G1on/G1Xon Rhythm function makes it easy and fun to do. 68 realistic-sounding rhythms are at your fingertips: PCM samples of actual drums playing real-life patterns in a variety of different genres-everything from rock to jazz, from Emo to Motown. Dozens of quarter-note, eighth-note and sixteenth-note rhythms are provided, in 4/4, 6/8 (shuffle) and 3/4 (waltz time); for the adventurous, there's even a 5/4 groove! The Rhythm function can also be used in conjunction with the Looper function (see below), allowing you to craft complex guitar orchestrations overlaying the pattern of your choice. Looper, build a complete performance. Got a great lick that you'd like to expand on, or a distinctive chord progression that you think could serve as the foundation for an exciting improvisation or an inspired solo? Explore your creativity to its fullest with the G1on/G1Xon Looper function, which allows you to layer up to 30 seconds of performance (through the effect or effects of your choice) in high quality audio (16-bit 44.1kHz). Recording time can either be set manually or to a preset number of quarter notes, up to 64 beats, and starting and stopping the Looper (as well as readying it for an overdub or clearing its memory altogether) is as easy as pressing a pedal-no hands required.The G1on/G1Xon Looper can also be used in conjunction with the Rhythm function, allowing you to play along with the pattern of your choice. Auto Save. Edits saved, All the time. Finally got that perfect effect crafted, but afraid you'll lose it? It'll never happen when you use the G1on/G1Xon's handy Auto Save function. When switched on, whatever you change will automatically be saved. Alternatively, if you'd prefer the insurance of a safety net (so that you never accidentally overwrite a patch), simply leave Auto Save off. The G1on/G1Xon will then politely ask you if you want to save your edits whenever you move on to a different patch. Settings can be saved to the currently selected memory area, or to any other area, allowing you to place it where it's most convenient.The G1on/G1Xon makes naming patches a breeze, too-simply use the parameter knob to dial in the characters you want. Patch names can be up to ten characters long, and each patch can be assigned its own level as well, allowing you to ensure consistent volume even when going from a gentle acoustic sound to heavy metal overdrive. Pre Select. Choose the effect you want before the audience hears it. Normally, you'll want to store your custom G1on/G1Xon patches adjacent to one another so that stepping on the right-hand pedal will scroll through them in the order needed-something that's easily accomplished using the handy Copy and Swap functions. In that circumstance, you'll also want the sound to change immediately, and this is the way the G1on/G1Xon normally operates. However, if you haven't stored your patches in adjacent memory locations, or if you simply get the urge to experiment and change things up in the middle of a performance, just turn on the G1on/G1Xon Pre Select function. This allows you to scroll through patches silently, with the current sound remaining unchanged as you do so. When you find the patch you want to use next, step on both pedals simultaneously and it will be automatically selected, with the sound changing instantly. Power functions More power to you. When it comes to powering your G1on/G1Xon, you've got lots of options. It runs on just 4 AA batteries-either alkaline or rechargeable NiMH-or you can use the optional Zoom AD-16 AC adapter to power it from any standard wall socket.When running on batteries, the G1on/G1Xon powers up automatically when a jack is inserted into its input connector, and a unique "eco" function can be used to automatically power the unit off if unused for 10 hours. Battery life (when using alkaline batteries) is more than 20 hours, even during continuous use, and a handy "battery remaining" display shows you how much power is remaining. To extend battery life further still, you can opt to have the backlit LCD display turn off automatically after 15 or 30 seconds after the pedal was last used. The G1Xon expression pedal Express yourself. The G1Xon adds an expression pedal to the two main pedals, allowing you to alter any selected parameter in real time. You can use it for gain drive or volume (affecting either input or output level), to add wah or filtering, to affect delay time or modulation speed, or a variety of other parameters. In addition, the pedal range can be independently adjusted for every patch-you can even set the minimum value higher than the maximum value for reverse pedaling effects. There's also a simple calibration procedure which enables you to customize pedal sensitivity. Whether you're a feather-light player or a real lead-foot, the G1Xon can adapt to your particular pedaling style. G1on/G1xon Features at a glance 5 effects, including distortion, compression, modulation, delay and reverb (G1Xon adds 5 pedal-controlled effects) Up to 5 effects can be used simultaneously, chained together in any order 100 memory locations (10 banks of 10) for the storage of user-created patches Copy and Swap functions make patch organization a breeze Auto Save function for automatic saving of all patch parameters Pre Select function allows you to scroll through patches silently while keeping the current patch operational Onboard chromatic tuner supports all standard guitar tunings, including open and drop tunings Looper feature for the recording of up to 30 seconds / 64 beats of CD-quality audio with seamless start and end times 68 built-in rhythm patterns which can be used in conjunction with the Looper Input jack accepts standard mono guitar cable (both active and passive instruments supported) Auxiliary input jack for connection of personal music players Output jack for connection to amp or headphones Backlit LCD with contrast control for easy viewing in low-light environments Lightweight and small enough to fit in your gig bag Easily integrated into any existing pedal board Runs on 4 AA batteries, with alkaline battery life of 20 hours USB port for firmware updates Optional AC adapter G1Xon model adds a built-in expression pedal for control over input level, output level, or any selected effect parameter

  • Cort AD890MBCF Dreadnought Acoustic with Pickup

    Cort AD890MBCF Dreadnought Acoustic with Pickup

    For those seeking the distinctive look and sound of Mahogany in an acoustic, the AD890MBCF features Mahogany Burl top, back and sides for a warm and balanced midrange that is ideal for strumming as well as single-note soloing. For even more versatility, the AD890MBCF also features Graphtech Nubone XB nut and saddle along with the highly regarded Fishman Isys T preamp. Dreadnought Cutaway Body Shape The classic Dreadnaught cutaway body shape provides a big sound with plenty of sonic projection. Mahogany Burl Top The highly figured Mahogany Burl top exudes a rich woody look as well as providing a strong midrange sound that is balanced and punchy. Mahogany Burl Back and Sides The Mahogany Burl back and sides not only look great but complements the top in sonic quality. Tortoiseshell Body Binding Tortoise Shell binding adds a touch of class to the rich look of Mahogany Burl. Fishman Isys T Preamp For both recording and live usage, the Fishman Isys T preamp faithfully delivers the guitar’s natural acoustic character to all types of amplification and recording systems without any hassles. Graphtech Nubone XB Nut and Saddle Manufactured under high heat and pressure, NuBone XB is specially formulated to produce more bass harmonics. NuBone XB is strong, durable and consistent throughout to ensure superior vibration transfer. Specifications: Dovetail Neck Joint Venetian Cutaway Dreadnought Model 43㎜ (1 11/16") Nut Width Mahogany Burl Top Mahogany Burl Back & Sides Mahogany Neck Tortoiseshell Binding Merbau Fingerboard 20 Frets 648mm (25.5") Scale Diecast Machine Heads Red Acrylic Pearl Rosette Merbau Bridge Fishman® Isys T Pickup System D'Addario® EXP 16 Acoustic Guitar Strings  

  • Cort Earth Bevel Cut Acoustic Guitar

    Cort Earth Bevel Cut Acoustic Guitar

    The Earth Bevel Cut Acoustic Guitar features arm bevel-cut on the body top of the Cort Earth model, the Earth Bevel Cut features an ergonomic body contour for a comfortable posture and performance at an affordable price level. SOLID SITKA SPRUCE TOP Spruce provides an ideal balance between strength and flexibility, hence its overwhelming popularity as the wood of choice for tops of acoustic guitars. Spruce’s versatile sonic character makes it ideal for a variety of musical genres and playing styles. MAHOGANY BACK & SIDES Bright yet natural with a strong and warm midrange, the beloved mahogany wood has been a standard for back and sides on premium acoustics for many decades.   BEVELED ARMREST A set of player-friendly touches like a new beveled cutaway and an armrest for an unmatched blend of sound and feel. OPEN PORE FINISH Not only does the open pore finish enhance the resonance of the woods but it also reduces the weight of the guitar for improved playability. SCOOPED BRIDGE The exclusive scooped surface bridge from Cort enhances sustain with greater string angle from the saddle to the body while reducing tension on the strings across the neck were less finger fatigue and improved playability. DIE-CAST TUNERS The diecast machine heads provide tuning stability as well as rock-solid functionality. Specifications: Dreadnought Guitar with Arm Bevel Cut Dovetail Neck Joint Construction Solid Sitka Spruce Top African Mahogany (Okoume) Back & Sides Mahogany (Palaquium) Neck Ovangkol Fingerboard 43㎜ (1 11/16") Nut Width 20 Frets 643㎜ (25.3") Scale Length Dot Inlay Die-Cast Machine Heads Herringbone Rosette Ovangkol Bridge D'Addario® EXP16 Acoustic Guitar Strings Advanced X-Bracing

  • Cort G250 Electric Guitar

    Cort G250 Electric Guitar

    The Cort G250 Electric Guitar retains the classic double cutaway design with modern appointments featuring Bluebucker Pro HSS Pickup configuration, Coil Tap Push Pull Tone Knob, Two Point Tremolo & Pearloid Pickguard. Available in Black or Tobacco Sunburst Finishes. TWO-POINT TREMOLO To assure tonal stability along with some new tonal options, the G250 is equipped with the two point tremolo. This precision-machined vibrato system features a steel base plate, push-in arm and 'locked-down' ultra smooth stainless steel saddles for perfect 'return to zero' performance every time. Basswood Body with Maple Neck and Jatoba Fretboard This classic and proven wood combination provides a balanced and rich sound strong in the midrange from the basswood body with warmth from the Jatoba fretboard and solid punch from the maple neck. H-S-S Pickup Configuration This popular pickup configuration with the 5-way switch provides a wide variety of sounds to cover virtually any musical style. With the middle and neck pickups alone or in combination, the sounds are not only ideal for rhythm playing but for distinctive single-coil lead sounds. Coil-Tap (Push-Pull Tone Knob) The push-pull tone knob potentiometer allows for the humbucker’s dual coils to be split into single-coil, providing a brighter and glassier sound ideal for genres such such as pop, funk and certain styles of jazz. Neck-Body Joint Beveled Heel Unlike the square-cut heel of traditional bolt-on guitars, the heel on the G-Series guitars are beveled round for easier and smoother access to the frets in the high register of the fingerboard. Satin Matte Finish Neck A clean look as well as no drag on your fingers due to the smooth satin finish means more comfort, increased speed and enhanced playability.   Specifications: Cort G250 Double Cutaway Electric Guitar Basswood Body Bolt-On Neck Canadian Hard Maple Neck C Profile Jatoba Fingerboard 12" (305mm) Radius 42mm Nut Width 22 Medium Size Nickel Frets 25.5" Scale Dot Inlay Diecast Machine Heads 2 Point Tremolo Unit Pickups: Neck: Bluebucker Pro BPEG5-F (Ferrite) Middle: Bluebucker Pro BPEG5-M (Ferrite) Bridge: Bluebucker Pro BPANC-2R (Alnico V) 1 Volume 1 Tone Contols 5 Way Selector Switch Pearloid Pickguard D'Addario XL110 Strings

  • Cort Action PJ Bass Guitar

    Cort Action PJ Bass Guitar

    The Action PJ Bass Guitar is an affordable instrument loaded with quality components, material & Craftmanship featuring Ergonomic Body Design with Open Pore Finish, PJ Pickup Set and Diecast Machine Heads. PJ Pickup Set The P-type bass pickup is ideal for genres such as hard rock, classic rock and Motown while the J-type pickup is well-suited for jazz and pop. This combination provides a wealth of classic bass sounds for virtually any musical genre and style. Ergonomic Body Shape Found only on the Action Series basses, the ergonomic body shape, which fuses the best elements of classic and modern designs, was designed to reduce fatigue and enhance playability for extended playing sessions. Die-cast Machine Heads Precisely manufactured for the utmost in tuning stability and functionality, Cort’s die-cast tuners assure that you can play each note with confidence and authority. Openpore Finishes The openpore finishes bring out the natural beauty of the woods on the Action PJ while improving the acoustic resonance of the instrument. Specifications: Cort Action PJ Bass Guitar Double Cutaway Poplar Body Bolt-On Canadian Hard Maple Neck Jatoba Fingerboard 24 Frets 34" Scale White Dot Inlay Diecast Tuning Machine Heads EB6(4) 4 String Bridge P-Style & 1 Jazz Style Pickup Passive Electronics Chrome Hardware Available in Black, Black Cherry and Walnut Open Pore finishes.

  • Cort GE15B Bass Guitar Amplifier

    Cort GE15B Bass Guitar Amplifier

    The Cort GE15B 15 watt amp sounds much larger than it's compact size would invisage. Great for practicing. jamming or performing at small venues the GE series is sure to deliver that bottom end. The CE15B features Active & Passive Inputs, Built-In Compressor, 8" Custom Speaker, 3 Band EQ, Tilt-Back Construction & Metal Grille. Specifications: Cort 15w Bass Amplifier Active & Passive Inputs Built-In Compressor 3 Band EQ Custom 8" Speaker 8Ohm Headphone Jack Aux In Tilt-Back Construction Metal Grille

  • NU-X MIGHTY 50X Digital Programmable Guitar Amp

    NU-X MIGHTY 50X Digital Programmable Guitar Amp

    The NU-X MIGHTY 50X 50w Digital Programmable Guitar Amplifier uses 32bit DSP, 44.1KHz/24bit AD/DA converters and our TS/AC (True Simulation of Analog Circuit) technology, which supplies amazing guitar amp and EFX sounds. It features Cutting edge tube clipping simulation algorithm. Three band vintage style EQ gives a tube guitar amp response. Four modulation effects including Chorus, Flanger, Phaser & Tremolo. Delay and reverb effects can be used with modulation effects simultaneously. Store up to four presets . Built-in tuner with 7-segment LED display. Dual guitar inputs for vintage and hot guitar pickups. MP3/CD input allows jamming with an external music-playback device (mp3 player, etc.) Headphones/Mixer output. A 12 inch custom speaker and 50 Watts of power create an amplifier that's small enough for your studio, yet loud enough for the stage. Specifications: 50 Watt RMS 12" Custom Speaker Cutting edge tube clipping simulation algorithm Three band vintage style EQ gives a tube guitar amp response Four Modulation effects - Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo Delay and Reverb effects can be used with Modulation effects simultaneously Store up to Four Presets Dual guitar inputs for vintage and hot guitar pickups Built-in Tuner with LED Display PHONES/MIXER Output CD/MP3 Input Dimensions: 490(L) x 265(W) x 430(H) mm Weight: 15.0kg

  • Cort MR710F-NS Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic Guitar with Pickup

    Cort MR710F-NS Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic Guitar with Pickup

    The Cort MR710F NS is a Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar with Cutaway & Fishman Presys Pickup System featuring Solid Sitka Spruce Top, Mahogany Back & Sides, Abalone Rosette, Genuine Bone Nut & Saddle and Advanced Scalloped X-Bracing. Solid Sitka Spruce Top Spruce provides an ideal balance between strength and flexibility, hence its overwhelming popularity as the wood of choice for tops of acoustic guitars. Spruce’s versatile sonic character makes it ideal for a variety of musical genres and playing styles Mahogany Back & Sides Bright yet natural with a strong and warm midrange, the beloved mahogany wood has been a standard for back and sides on premium acoustics for many decades. Multiple Abalone Rosette The multiple abalone center rosette combined with ABS B/W rosette harmonizes to exude a visual aesthetic that is both classic and sophisticated. Genuine Bone Nut & Saddle Crafted out of water buffalo bone for the most natural and transparent transfer of string vibrational energy into the body and neck. Fishman Presys EQ 3-Band EQ, LED Tuner, and Phase control offers sonic flexibility as well as convenience for a variety of playing situations where amplification is needed. Scooped Bridge The exclusive scooped surface bridge from Cort enhances sustain with greater string angle from the saddle to the body while reducing tension on the strings across the neck were less finger fatigue and improved playability. Sonically Enhanced UV Finish The high-tech finish is strong and resistant to scratches while being lightweight to improve the natural acoustic resonance of the body for a full-bodied and rich tone. Specifications: Cort MR710F NS Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic with Pickup Dovetail Neck Joint Venetian Cutaway Solid Sitka Spruce Top Mahogany Back & Sides Mahogany Neck Ovangkol Fingerboard 43mm (1 11/16") Nut Width 20 Frets 25.3" (643mm) Scale Dot Inlay Multiple Abalone Rosette Ovangkol Bridge Fishman Sonicore Pickup Fishman Presys Preamp D'Addario EXP16 Acoustic Guitar Strings Advanced Scalloped X-Bracing Genuine Bone Nut & Saddle Sonically Enhanced UV Finish Available in Natural Satin Finish

  • Progressive Beginner Ukulele Book - CP11888

    Progressive Beginner Ukulele Book - CP11888

    Teach yourself how to play Ukulele with easy-to-follow lessons, carefully designed for the beginner Ukulele player. Includes 2 DVD's, 1 CD + 1 DVD ROM Teach yourself everything you need to know to play songs on the Ukulele. Covers essential left and right hand techniques along with chords, rhythms and strumming patterns used by the world's best Ukulele players. Includes quarter, eighth, triplet and swing rhythms and songs in a variety of styles including Hawaiian, World Music, Pop, Rock, Blues and Swing. All examples are fun to play and sound great. You do not need to read music to use this book. Teach yourself: · Important Ukulele chords and rhythms, used by the world’s best Ukulele players· Techniques for playing classic Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk and Classical songs and turnaround progressions· How to read all rhythm Ukulele sheet music and chord symbols to accompany yourself or play in a band· Tips and tricks that every Ukulele player should know· Shortcuts to get the most from practice sessions and learn faster With this Book, you will learn everything a beginner needs to know about the Ukulele. Features include:· 20 easy Ukulele lessons, just like having a personal teacher· 100+ examples, all important rhythms and 80+ Ukulele chords· Classic Rock, Blues, Pop, Folk and Classical songs· Easy-to-read ukelele music and chord diagrams for Book· Suitable for all types of Ukulele Ukulele lessons have never been this easy for anyone who wants to learn to play Ukulele, fast.    

  • Casio SA-46 Mini Digital Keyboards

    Casio SA-46 Mini Digital Keyboards

    The Casio SA46 is a great fun way for your children to get involved in music for the first time. With mini keys for small hands and lots of fun sounds and rhythms to play with, your children will love the SA46! TOP FEATURES • 32 Mini Sized Keys • 8 Note Polyphony • 100 Tones • 50 Rhythms • 10 Built in Tunes • Drum Pad • 2 Digit LCD Display • 44.6 X 20.8 X 5.1 cm (Adaptor not included)

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