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Electronic Metronomes

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  • Beam Clip On Rechargeable Metronome/Tuner

    Beam Clip On Rechargeable Metronome/Tuner

    The new Beam Clip On Magnetic Rechargeable Chromatic Tuner & Metronome features double swivel joints for maximum adjustment and a magnetic detachable top allowing you to set it up like a metronome on a Music Stand or Table Top. The Beam is also rechargable so you dont have to worry about buying batteries. Large Bright Colour Display Chromatic Tuner: Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Violin, Banjo Metronome: 30 - 280 BPM Double Swivel Joints for Maximum Viewing Adjustment Detachable Magnetic Head to sit on Music Stand or Table Top for Metronome Auto Off to save battery power Rechargeable via supplied USB cable

  • Intelli 020 Digital Metronome

    Intelli 020 Digital Metronome

    Digital Metronome with 30 to 250 beats per minute, and 8 beat accents. This metronome has 8 different rhythms and 88 note pitch generator (A0 - C8).

  • Intelli 204 Metrotuner with Note Generator

    Intelli 204 Metrotuner with Note Generator

    The IMT-204 combines a digital metronome, dual chromatic/guitar tuner and a reference pitch generator in a compact and slim body for mostly portable use. The metronome features loud, wood-block and clear chime tone - hear the IMT-204 over loud instruments. Accented down beat phrases (0, 2 to 7) and 5 kinds of rhythm - great for practicing difficult parts. Set tempo from 40 to 216 BPM (Beat per minute), 41 steps, sweeping LCD meter makes it easy to stay on the beat, even with the volume off. Beat sound can be on/off by MUTE button Features: Automatic and Chromatic - perfect for intonation training. Dedicated tuning mode for the stringed instruments, especially for a guitar. "Quadra flat tuning" - no need to remove a capo to tune your guitar. Built in microphone and jack for electric guitar. Calibrate from A = 430 to 449 Hz with 1Hz step. Easy-to-read lCD meter acts like a real tuning meter - clearly shows how sharp or flat you are in cents. High performance voltage regulator keeps high contrast LCD display all time. Advanced tuning algorithm - works for most string and reed instruments including human voice. Automatic power off - 3 minutes with no signal. Built in stabd tilts the unit for table top viewing or mounts on music stand. Non-volatile memory maintains all settings during power-off. Super-bright and fascinating 3 coloured LED. Recessed power on/off button: Won't accidently turn on in your instrument case. Ultra-long battery life, ten times longer than others.

  • Intellitouch CP10 Centerpitch Intonation Trainer Tuner

    Intellitouch CP10 Centerpitch Intonation Trainer Tuner

    Clip on Style Chromatic Small Mini Tuner for Band and Orchestra players that clips directly to the instrument. Perfect for marching band players or concert players. This tuner has the traditional, copyrighted CenterPitch Arrows display and includes both a tuner and metronome. When the instrument is in Tune, the red backlight changes to a bright Green color! A transposition option is also included for C, B-flat, E-flat, F and G instruments. A-Ref from 410 - 450Hz Features: The metronome built into CenterPitch CP10 can be set from 25 to 250 beats per minute. Easy to hear as it is easy to operate, the CP10 is the best choice for every brass and woodwind players The CenterPitch CP10 transposes for brass and woodwind players using the KEY button! It can display notes in Concert Pitch or transposed as written for B-flat, E-flat and F instruments. The CenterPitch CP10's clamp instantly attaches to almost any brass, woodwind or bowed stringed instrument, providing a view of the intuitive display without compromising correct playing position. The internal tuning reference of the CenterPitch® CP10 tuner is easily changed using the UP and DOWN buttons.

  • J&H JH30 Clip on Metro Guitar Tuner with Back Light

    J&H JH30 Clip on Metro Guitar Tuner with Back Light

    This compact clip-on digital chromatic tuner, metronome and tone generator with 360˚rotating display is very easy to use and be used effectively on most instruments. Clip Tuner Built-in Mic and Vibration sensor. Calibration: 430hz~450hz. Tuning mode: Chromatic, Guitar & Bass, Violin. Tuning Scale: C, F, Eb, Bb (for Chromatic mode). Flat tuning: 1~4 semitones. Tuning range: AO (27.5hz) ~ C8 (4186.0hz). Measuring range: +-1 cent. Metronome: Tempo range: 30~250 BPM, with 1 beat step. Beat: 0~9 Tone Generator: Calibration: 430hz!450hz, with 1hz step. Tones generated: E1(41.2hz) ~ A5(880.00hz) Specifications: Dimensions: 60mm(W) x 33mm(H) x 22mm(D) Weight: approx 41g including battery

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)